We are now an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner!

Given the increasing demand for AWS consultants, we focused on building and increasing its AWS competence in 2018. We are now delighted to have become an Advanced APN Consulting Partner which proves that we have the knowledge necessary to help our customers with their cloud journey to and on AWS.

Among all of Amazon’s partners, only 10% have made it to the Advanced tier. It is a solid proof for our clients that we are genuine experts on Amazon cloud solutions

Ola Hesselroth, Partner and Business Developer at Euvic Group

The demand for AWS consultants has been increasing for the last few years. Many companies are looking for partners to help them with migrating to AWS, setting up a DevOps environment or specific services like AWS Quicksight, a BI solution with inbuilt ML. We are now better positioned than ever to help its customers with all their AWS-related needs.

Why have we decided to partner with AWS?

Euvic is constantly looking for new sources of innovation – and cloud services are one of them. AWS gives our clients access to advanced services and multiple business applications. Amazon Web Services not only offer cost savings but also help unify processes inside organizations. Our clients can rest assured that their resources are safe and ready to use whenever they want to. Customers for whom we recommended and implemented AWS emphasized the stability and flexibility of the system.

You can find out more on our AWS-related offering here. Check out also our full cloud-based service portfolio here.