Why Poland Stands Out as the Best Choice for US Companies Seeking IT and Software Development Services

We are Euvic, Inc., the US-based branch of the Euvic Group, a team of over 5000 developers, analysts, and consultants based mainly in Poland. Our clients benefit from the best of both worlds – local, US-based leaders and highly skilled Polish engineers. 

Our success stories, company size, and growth speak for themselves. Still, we want to give you more insight into why working with us could be the best choice for you and why we believe Poland is one of the best destinations for software development – worldwide.

We don’t want to come across as biased or over-promising, so we would like to encourage you to form your own opinion.

After reading this summary, you will gain a better understanding of Poland’s benefits, its leading global position in high-quality software development, and our promising outlook for the future.

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Polish Software Development Is Renowned for Its Quality, and the Fact that It Comes at a Lower Cost Is an Added Bonus.

Outsourcing to Poland may seem like a cost-cutting measure for US-based companies, but it’s much more than that. 

Polish engineers are highly skilled and educated, so pricing isn’t the only benefit. Although the average project cost is 20-40% lower than in the US, US-based companies trust Polish companies with complex projects because they can provide a unique mix of quality, experience, and speed that even some US software development companies can’t match. 

This post isn’t about the challenges US companies face when hiring local employees, such as a talent shortage, labor laws, and recent challenges in work culture. We’ve created a separate guide for that, comparing IT outsourcing to In-house hiring.

Here is a list of facts and reasons why Poland is the ideal place for software development:

1. Polish Programmers are Leading International Rankings

2. Agile Approach to Software Development

  • Poland’s software developers are well known for their proficiency in Agile methodology, for effective project management, timely delivery, and efficient execution.
  • They host important, globally recognized Agile events such as the ACE! Conference and AgileByExample
  • Their expertise in Agile methodology is rooted in their culture of transparency and their commitment to finding the optimal solution, regardless of the obstacles, rather than blindly following instructions.

3. English Proficiency, Shared Cultural Values, and Style of Communication

  • Polish software developers are known to exhibit strong English language skills, enabling smooth communication with international partners. 
  • Moreover, the shared cultural values between Poland and countries like the US contribute to a deeper understanding and seamless cooperation. 
  • Many US Americans are impressed with the service providers in Poland for not constantly trying to upsell or promote their services. In Poland, you will receive exactly what you asked for, with the highest quality. If necessary, Polish developers will even challenge your tasks or present alternative solutions that can lead to better outcomes and improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of your project.

4. Strong Global Investments in Poland’s Computer Science Education

  • The University of Warsaw scored #8 in the International Collegiate Programming Contest 
  • Polish programmers excel in talent and qualifications, starting their coding journey at a young age (7.7% begin between ages 5-10).
  • Poland produces approximately 70,000 IT graduates annually, guaranteeing a steady supply of skilled professionals for outsourcing projects.
  • The US is investing heavily in Poland, recognizing its unique potential and its edge over other European countries. Intel is investing $4.6 billion in Poland, further supporting its infrastructure, education, and IT cluster for software and hardware. 
  • Reuters Technology:  Poland initially impressed Intel executives with the speed in which it responded to queries and addressed concerns, Intel said. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger told Reuters: As you are picking a location, imagine you are going on a date. You have a sense, oh, they really want this to work, Gelsinger said. We definitely came away with a strong belief that the local government wants to make this work.

5. Highest Standards of IP Protection, Security, and IT Compliance

  • The US Chamber of Commerce’s IP Index 2020 awarded Poland a score of 70.56 out of 100, recognizing it as one of the safest among popular outsourcing destinations.
  • Polish firms have a strong grasp of intellectual property protection, copyright laws, and data security practices that align with US standards. This makes Poland stand out as an excellent destination for projects that require security, data protection, and confidentiality.

6. Rapidly Growing IT Industry, Building a Local Cluster of Expertise

  • Expertise and success in FinTech Projects – Polish developers have extensive experience working on FinTech projects, ensuring secure, bug-free solutions.
  • The significance of Poland’s expertise in the FinTech domain can be supported by its status as the largest FinTech market in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Some of the companies outsourcing in Poland include Google, IBM, Accenture, Citibank, HSBC, UBS, and Microsoft.

7. Competitive Rates and Salaries, Especially Compared to The US

  • Polish engineers are famous for combining affordability and high-quality work. Their developers boast a high level of expertise and specialization at a competitive price.
  • While the salary of software engineers in Poland is highly dependent on their experience and skill level, we’ve experienced an overall cost saving of 20-40% with similar or higher levels of skills than in the US. Learn more about the hourly rates of software engineers.

The Perfect Combination of US-based Contact and Polish Talent

After presenting you with these stats about Poland and underlining its exceptional, world-leading knowledge in the IT industry, we’d like to share with you what makes Euvic, Inc., the US (New Jersey) based office, different from other software development companies.

Euvic US isn’t just a post-box address registered in New Jersey. Our management team consists of American-born, US-based IT professionals, offering you the highest level and convenience of communication. 

We’re the fastest, safest, and most convenient way to access the Polish A-player talent as a US company.

Christopher Krzoska, COO at Euvic, Inc.:

Almost every Euvic US team member has significant Polish roots, with some of our management team born in America and others in Poland. We have been bridging the gap most of our lives, personally and professionally. 

We speak both languages, practice the traditions, and have family and friends on both continents. We’ve been authentically crossing this space since most of us were kids.

The executive team has significant experience working with Polish engineers and American businesses. This is the ideal combination of expertise, especially for US-based companies.”

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Euvic’s Secret for Growth is our Client’s Business Success

We’ve uncovered your advantage: Polish A-player talent and local leaders, building the perfect bridge and symbiosis to serve you best. 

It shouldn’t surprise you that we’re working with some of the biggest, most prestigious companies worldwide, trusting us with their challenging projects. Euvic has recently been listed as one of the best Polish IT providers by the Polish Embassy in the US

Further reasons for our success:

  • Euvic has over 100 dedicated and managed teams, each specializing in different technologies and industries, such as Finance, Retail, and Manufacturing. 
  • Our teams consist of over 5000 people who constantly exchange ideas, information, and best practices. This makes us stand out as a service provider that can keep up with the fast-paced technology landscape.
  • Our clients often approach us with new projects requiring a quick turnaround. That’s why we’re used to getting started quickly and delivering even faster without compromising quality.
  • Our teams are scalable, which means we can offer flexibility as needed. Just like a scalable cloud-hosting environment, our teams can organize themselves to handle larger and more comprehensive projects, ensuring fast execution.
  • Euvic has recently been listed as one of the best Polish IT providers by the Polish Embassy in the US

Because of our “Dream Team” approach to application development, Euvic is able to minimize the learning curve, dramatically reduce time-to-market, offer lower risk, improve communications and control, and deliver at a substantially reduced cost. 

More importantly, our teams have been in your shoes. 

We know the challenges. And we know how to solve the problems – so you get the results you need and the competitive advantages you want.

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