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Staff/Team Augmentation

Euvic connects you with top IT specialists and fully functioning, managed teams, tailored to meet your project's needs. We identify and validate the right skills for your project, and, leveraging our extensive pool of proven engineers, we can quickly deploy the right specialist(s).

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Turning ideas into reality

Engagement Models

Staff/Team Augmentation

  • We bring in specialists to fill the gaps in your team’s expertise, allowing you to tackle new challenges without spending extra time on training.

    If we don’t already have your perfect match, we take charge of recruitment and upskilling to provide the most optimal solution for your business.

    Staff/Team Augmentation Models:

  • Subject-matter experts seamlessly integrating with your existing team.

  • Collaboration in hybrid teams.

  • Formation of dedicated teams comprised of our specialists. 

Agile Dev Factory

  • Our Agile Dev Factory model is ideal for those seeking a partner to build, develop, and maintain IT solutions. We handle tech and project management, letting you focus on growing your business.

  • Our model follows Agile and DevOps principles, aiming for the fast delivery of an MVP. This allows swift alignment of your business ideas with market needs.

  • Partnering with us through Agile Dev Factory means continuous improvement of products and processes, automated manufacturing procedures, and effortless team scaling. 

Staff/Team Augmentation services

tailored for your business

Technical Consulting

  • Expertise hand-picked and backed by years of relevant domain experience. 


  • Optimal system architecture based on your environment and performance needs. 

Project Management

  • Smooth project execution ensuring timely, quality delivery.

Fixed Price Projects

  • Premium solutions at a set, predictable cost, guaranteed.


  • Beautiful and simple digital experiences.

Front and Back-End Software Development

  • Solid solutions that are high-performing and easy to manage. 

Infrastructure Development (Multi-Cloud or Hybrid)

  • Scalable, platform-flexible, and secure.  

QA and Testing

  • Top-grade software quality.


  • Smooth production process.

Specialist Recruitment

  • Top talents tailored to your project needs.

Fractional Expertise/Consulting

  • Expert advice and insights on-demand.

Maintenance Support, and More.

  • Guaranteed optimal product performance. 

Why Euvic? 


The Smart Delivery Advantage

Our smart delivery model combines US-based expertise with Polish engineering talent for seamless, cost-effective solution delivery.

With a dedicated local point of contact, communication becomes effortless, ensuring that your vision is understood and executed flawlessly.


Managed Teams

We manage for results, not billable hours, offering on-demand access to the necessary expertise without incurring the overhead of a full-time team.

Hand-selected for your project, managed teams can handle everything – from ideation to development and maintenance, freeing you to focus on your business.


Top 5 Developers Globally

Polish engineers consistently rank among the world's top 5 for engineering talent.

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3-step Engagement Process

1. Discovery Consultation

We start by understanding your business, technology stack, and desired outcomes.

icon discovery consultation
2. Team Identification

Based on your needs, we identify the most suitable team within Euvic, ensuring the best fit.

icon team identification
3. Workshops/Estimation

We analyze your challenges, strategize, and create a comprehensive solution to meet your objectives.

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