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POP Pankki's New Mobile Banking and Insurance Platform


The POP Bank Group is a Finnish financial institution providing retail banking and non-life insurance services to private clients and SMEs since 1997.


Pop Pankki was in need of a new mobile app that could serve as both a banking and insurance platform simultaneously. The previous version lacked essential features and left customers dissatisfied with its design, resulting in a 2.8-star rating on the App Store. 



Euvic was responsible for the complete redevelopment of the app, including analysis, design, testing, and launch. Euvic also built an external API to manage banking and insurance functions. The project was divided into three parts: 

  • Align with market leaders: This involved close collaboration between business, design, and development teams to accurately define the product’s scope and verify the business case.
  • Introduce insurance services digitally: Insurance services were incorporated into the app, creating cross-selling opportunities and leading to a 19.8% increase in insurance customers in 2019.
  • Offer new funds exclusively via the app: This stage involved delivering new investment opportunities in a safe and accessible way to all customers. 


The platform’s App Store rating quickly improved to 4.5 stars, insurance sales rose by 20%, and Pop Pankki saw its pre-tax profit increase by 126% in 2019. The new app is efficient and user-friendly, making Pop Pankki the bank with the most satisfied customers in Finland. 

Client's feedback

Pekka Lemettinen

CEO, Pop Pankki

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