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Simplifying Shopping

IKEA's Innovative IPS Solution


IKEA is a global home-furnishing brand that offers affordable convenient products with good designs to people around the world.




Construction, design and interior arrangement


IPS, shopping application




IKEA is a global home-furnishing brand that offers affordable convenient products with good designs to people around the world. IKEA is also well-known for its brick-and-mortar chain stores where a customer that goes shopping can nicely spend their time. To simplify the process of delivery and buying, the company needed a comprehensive tool that would allow the customer to visualize sets that match the chosen product and show their availability, choose various delivery and payment types, or easily handle loyalty programs. With this solution, the entire process can run more smoothly and significantly reduce unnecessary activities.


As an industry leader, IKEA is committed to providing innovative solutions. Proven alternatives are not enough – the organization needs to be innovative and stay one step ahead of the competition and be able to positively surprise customers. So, there is a constant pursuit for improvements that provide a more efficient experience.

With a view to this ambitious strategy, the Interactive Point of Sales (IPS) project was launched. The goal was to create an IPS with an intuitive, easy-to-use shopping application. Currently, three stores in Warsaw are testing this solution. Our partner (Unity Group) took on the challenge of delivery in Poland.



The solution compiles purchases, delivery selection, and making payments in one system. All these steps fast and seamlessly link various malls directly within the store. The solution includes several features:

  • Product information (categories, descriptions, photos, prices, availability) is provided by connection with a dedicated API.
  • Convenient forms of delivery: in-person pickup at a selected location, delivery by courier to the address selected.
  • Integrations with sales systems and checkout systems, integration with multiple internal systems.
  • Modules can be configured on separate screens.
  • The entire set of products and their characteristics can be displayed at once (product, order route, and availability).
  • Integration with external systems: customer loyalty programs, online payments, systems for sending shopping lists via SMS or e-mail, and courier delivery systems. That enables handling more purchases.
  • Advanced product search engine with information on availability and store location. The search engine uses contextual filtering and creates shopping lists with information on the product location.
  • An innovative solution that streamlines and integrates processes, systems, and information along the Customer Journey, improves customer satisfaction, and provides a consistent omnichannel experience. The high aesthetic quality of the solution is combined with effective UX.


The new solution improves the experience of both employees and customers of the store. The IPS has become primarily a meeting place with the buyer, enabling comprehensive service and support during the shopping process. Its primary task is to facilitate both the customer transition and the purchasing process, from selecting a product to deciding on delivery and payment.

Buyers can purchase directly on-site, or from another department store (if the product is not on-site) with in-store pickup or home delivery. By paying online, and choosing delivery dates and methods, the buyer has a great deal of freedom. We’ve shortened the purchase process, thereby improving service and potential for more people.


  • Innovative sales solution
  • Improved buyer satisfaction
  • Ability to handle more purchases
  • Effective UX

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