Top 10 Legacy Application Modernization Companies for SMEs and Enterprises

As technology advances, businesses are cornered. Should you continue with legacy systems that lag behind the latest innovations? 

Or should you modernize to stay competitive? Legacy application modernization is a strategic way for companies to improve efficiency and drive growth. Common reasons behind the need for legacy systems modernization are:

  • End of support – older technologies lead to a loss of compatibility, security patches, and developer availability. 
  • Compliance issues – companies in regulated industries must keep their systems updated to maintain their license.
  • Maintainability issues – can become a limiting factor for your entire system chain, resulting in the inability to migrate to the cloud or integrate with new hardware.
  • High expenses – legacy systems can become expensive due to limited options, high hosting costs, and limited developer availability.
  • Scalability and performance – legacy systems can limit business growth by causing technical bottlenecks, a lack of scalability and ongoing performance issues.

Our list introduces the top 10 companies specializing in legacy application modernization. These firms stand out for helping businesses with their digital transformation. 

  • 1. Euvic, Inc. 
  • 2. Taazaa
  • 3. The Smyth Group
  • 4. Facile Technolab
  • 5. DevCom
  • 6. Celerik
  • 7. DevTeamSpace
  • 8. Futurist Labs
  • 9. Blackthorn Vision
  • 10. Axon

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1. Euvic, Inc.

We confidently mention ourselves in this ranking. With more than 18 years of experience modernizing even the most challenging systems, migrating and integrating applications, we count ourselves among the world’s leading experts in this field. See our client case portfolio.

Euvic, Inc., based in New Jersey, is the US headquarters of our global group. We are an international company with over 5,000 highly skilled software engineers, mostly based in Poland. What truly sets us apart is our meticulous talent curation. We have 100+ specialized teams handpicked for each project and have a deep understanding of legacy systems.

Our specialists can modernize even the most antiquated software systems. Our highly experienced legacy app experts are natives on older coding languages and can understand your existing software, data and IT thoroughly. Our process minimizes the risks of delays, data loss, downtime, or performance issues – critical concerns for modernization projects.

Euvic’s ties to Poland further strengthen its identity and capabilities. Our Polish A-player developers constantly rank top 5 in global rankings. We can give our clients a competitive edge in the market. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including software development, IT system management, technology integration, and strategic planning.

See how we helped SMEs and enterprises modernize their legacy applications.

Other Services Offered

  • Legacy App Modernization
  • System Integration
  • UX/UI & Product Design
  • Software QA & Testing
  • Mobile App Development
  • DevOps

Location: United States

2. Taazaa

Taazaa, Inc., founded in 2007, is known for developing software that improves users’ lives. Its exceptional talent and dedication to Agile methodologies make It stand out. Taazaa transforms outdated applications into modern, efficient, and secure systems.

With clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, Taazaa is a reliable technology partner in the U.S. One example is their project with a leading Healthcare Provider Enablement Platform. They praised Taazaa for their outstanding work on a custom clinical support solution.

This project revitalized advanced features like patient data management and telehealth capabilities. Their attention to detail showcases Taazaa’s technical expertise. Managed with scrum methodology, the project highlighted Taazaa’s ability to meet deadlines and provide ongoing support.

Other Services Offered

  • UX/UI Design
  • Custom Software Development
  • Web Development

Location: United States

3. The Smyth Group

The Smyth Group is one of the best at updating outdated software. Founded in 2005, it has become a go-to partner for startups and small to midsize enterprises (SMEs). The company is an expert in finding the root problem and creating strategic, practical solutions.

Based in the USA, The Smyth Group’s skilled designers and developers have extensive experience across many modern platforms, languages, and disciplines. They’re recognized for their technical skills and enjoyable collaboration style, making them a preferred choice for projects that require modernizing legacy systems.

Their expertise in revitalizing legacy applications was notably demonstrated in a project for a local government agency. The Smyth Group fulfilled and surpassed the client’s expectations, delivering their work ahead of schedule.

This project highlighted their exceptional team dynamics and the broad range of services. They effectively fixed bugs and updated software frameworks while also providing general support, which shows their unmatched capability to breathe new life into outdated systems.

Other Services Offered

  • Digital Strategy
  • Ecommerce Development
  • Blockchain Services

Location: United States

4. Facile Technolab

The journey from concept to creation is usually a complicated process. Facile Technolab turns it into a seamless and stress-free experience, especially in legacy app modernization. They enable clients to collaborate with the right talent for product development and modernization needs.

The Indian-based company is committed to simplified product development powered by an expert team dedicated to delivering exceptional outcomes. Whether clients want to build a new product development team or hire experts to modernize existing applications, Facile Technolab provides a one-stop solution.

Despite being founded in 2016, the company has a strong portfolio. Their collaboration with an IT services company demonstrates their prowess in modernizing legacy applications. The project, initiated in May 2021, is ongoing.

The team’s professionalism and friendly approach led to effective communication and project management. These show the team’s capability to rejuvenate outdated systems for today’s technological demands.

Other Services Offered

  • IT Staff Augmentation
  • API Development

Location: India

5. DevCom

DevCom is a US-based legacy application modernization expert transforming outdated systems into cutting-edge solutions. As a full-cycle custom software development company, DevCom addresses the entire project lifecycle.

Their prowess in legacy app modernization is aided by deep expertise in many services and critical technological domains. These include Cloud Computing (AWS, Azure), DevOps, SaaS, API Integration, App Re-Engineering, and more. Thus, they ensure that legacy systems are updated and transformed to thrive.

A standout project that exemplifies DevCom’s legacy application modernization capabilities is their work for an HVAC company. Commencing in January 2016 and ongoing, DevCom engineered a customized CRM system, integrating features to track customer actions and assign statuses, thereby streamlining operations.

Other Services Offered

  • CRM Consulting
  • Marketing Strategy

Location: United States

6. Celerik

Celerik is a digital product development firm in business since 2008. It is based in Colombia but has locations in Austin and London. Celerik excels in introducing innovative solutions for large entities like the UK Space Agency. Their proficiency extends to modernizing legacy applications, ensuring these systems are revitalized for today’s digital world.

Celerik’s services span various domains, including custom software development, with a particular emphasis on legacy application modernization. This focus ensures that outdated systems are updated and enhanced. Their approach to modernization addresses both the technical and strategic aspects of transformation, helping businesses utilize new technologies to perform better and be more competitive.

In a project highlighting their capability, Celerik undertook front-end development for an oil and gas technology company. The company demonstrated its skill in rapidly delivering a sophisticated, web-based application front-end using React.js with 3D functionalities.

The feedback from this engagement points to Celerik’s ability to work seamlessly with clients. Their organized approach and the high quality of the delivered product were particularly noted.

Other Services Offered

  • Cloud Consulting
  • IT Staff Augmentation

Location: Colombia

7. DevTeamSpace

DevTeamSpace, founded in 2016, is recognized for its unique approach to software development. The company has earned the trust of industry giants such as Disney, Airbus, NEC, and dynamic startups by delivering outstanding online products with a robust capability in legacy application modernization.

What sets the US-based company apart in legacy application modernization is its unique blend of expert talent and innovative processes. They understand that modernizing legacy systems is not merely about a technology overhaul but also about ensuring they can evolve with the business, supporting growth and enhancing efficiency.

Their project with a venture capital firm, which involved web design and maintenance, exemplifies DevTeamSpace’s broader skill set. In this project, they redesigned the website for enhanced functionality and user experience. They also implemented a new backend editor and a mobile-responsive design.

The venture capital firm’s feedback: “It was wonderful to find a team that’s so effective. That’s a key reason we keep working with DevTeamSpace.” This reflects the high value clients place on their partnership.

Other Services Offered

  • Web Design
  • Blockchain Services
  • Artificial Intelligence

Location: United States

8. Futurist Labs

Established in 2014, Futurist Labs is renowned for its innovative mobile and web IT development approach. Its services include start-up assistance and project-based relationships. The Bulgarian company is particularly adept at legacy application modernization.

Their passion is reflected in their work philosophy. Futurist Labs is driven by the potential of mobile devices to create tools, businesses, and innovations that enrich lives. In projects requiring intricate legacy system overhauls, Futurist Labs helps you throughout the process, from conceptualizing a project to delivering a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

A highlight of their portfolio is the ongoing collaboration with a native app-building platform. Futurist Labs showcased its legacy application modernization expertise by updating the client-server architecture and enhancing the iOS and Android codebases for improved performance.

Other Services Offered

  • UX/UI Design
  • Mobile App Development

Location: Bulgaria

9. Blackthorn Vision

Blackthorn Vision has distinguished itself by creating impactful solutions that enhance business value. Established in 2009, the Ukrainian company is passionate about excellence and client success.

Within their services is a keen focus on legacy application modernization. Blackthorn Vision uses Machine Learning and AI expertise to update and transform outdated software systems.

A highlight of their success is the project undertaken for a web-based IoT platform, where Blackthorn Vision was tasked with UI design services. The scope later expanded to include front- and back-end development and UX design services. Feedback from this project emphasizes Blackthorn Vision’s friendly, timely, and knowledgeable approach, coupled with its deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies.

Other Services Offered

  • Graphic Design
  • IT Staff Augmentation

Location: Ukraine

10. Axon

Axon, founded in 2012, specializes in full-cycle software development services focusing on legacy application modernization. Their mission is to create high-quality software with smooth execution and predictable costs.

Axon’s Polish team is dedicated to designing, implementing, and guiding clients through modernization, ensuring solutions effectively meet customer needs.

Their proficiency in legacy system modernization was showcased in a project for an event organizing company, which developed a ticketing system, among other features. Axon’s work received high praise for efficiency, skill, and detailed approach that aligned with client and end-user requirements.

Other Services Offered

  • IT Managed Services
  • AR/VR Development

Location: Poland

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Conclusion – Legacy Systems Modernization Is a Matter of Experience & Trust

The featured companies are at the forefront of legacy application modernization. They provide essential services to businesses seeking to update their IT infrastructure. 

Their expertise and dedication to innovation are crucial for organizations that want to leverage the latest technological advancements for enhanced operational efficiency and market relevance.

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