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Enhancing Patient Care with Specialized QA and Testing Teams

Patient Care Improved by Harnessing Specialized, Proven, and Cost-Effective Polish QA and Testing Teams to Improve Software Quality

Medsphere Systems Corporation is a leading provider of affordable and interoperable healthcare IT platform solutions and services. Founded in 2002, Medsphere brings together committed clinical and technology professionals working to make quality healthcare IT solutions accessible to organizations.


Medsphere’s ChartLogic EHR Software captures the clinical encounter with intuitive paperless workflows, and is used by thousands of providers every day. Healthcare providers must trust it to be bug-free and secure.  

There was an opportunity to better address: 


  • Timely detection and rectification of software bugs. 
  • More comprehensive software testing. 

The leadership team valued the balance of high-grade results without overpaying for results. 

What Our Client Says

Robert Kilian

Chief Technology Officer at Medpshere Systems Corporation


Medsphere and Euvic partnered to strengthen the ChartLogic EHR solution by integrating manual and automated testing methods.  

This collaboration demonstrates a methodical strategy for businesses to elevate the quality of IT solutions and leverage outsourcing, all while maintaining a focus on engineering excellence.

The Smart Delivery Model Advantage: 

Euvic’s Smart Delivery Model was the cornerstone of this effort. This model combines the strategic oversight of US-based managers with the cost-effective and highly skilled engineering talent based in Poland.  

Euvic prioritized accuracy for improved user experiences, automation for fast and accurate results, and agile collaboration to ensure timely and successful delivery.  


  • Manual Testing:  Employed to understand ChartLogic EHR’s user experience and to confirm the interface’s accuracy.

  • Automated Testing: Increased efficiency, automated repetitive tasks , and enabled  quicker testing results.

  • Agile Collaboration: Emphasized open communication, feedback, and adaptability to ensure that both teams stayed aligned. 


The enhancements and improved quality of Medsphere’s ChartLogic EHR positively impacts patient care by enabling providers to more seamlessly record patient transactions.

Medsphere improved the quality of the ChartLogic EHR solution by seamlessly integrating a specialized Euvic QA team to implement manual and automated testing. This proactive approach swiftly addressed issues, bolstered the application’s reliability, and elevated the healthcare IT solution’s quality.

  • Maximum Value: Leveraging the Smart Delivery Advantage and efficient testing, Medsphere achieved significant savings, balancing quality and budget through cost-effective outsourcing.
  • Faster Development: The combination of manual and automated testing significantly enhanced the software development process’s speed and accuracy. The robust approach ensured that the project exceeded its established timelines leading to early product releases.
  • High Throughput: With a well-coordinated strategy, the teams consistently handled 2000 cases weekly, with Medsphere benefiting from their capacity to efficiently tackle large volumes of QA tasks.

Medsphere’s partnership with Euvic proves that you don’t have to overpay for high-quality IT delivery. For businesses seeking to blend quality, efficiency, and affordability, such collaborations can offer valuable insights into smart outsourcing.

What Our Client Says

Robert Kilian

Chief Technology Officer at Medpshere Systems Corporation

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