Legacy Systems Modernization & Digital Transformation

We migrate and optimize outdated applications and IT systems to modern, scalable solutions. Our +100 specialized modernization teams and our proven framework enable us to deliver the outcomes you are looking for, end-to-end.

Legacy Systems Modernization & Digital Transformation

Tailored to your business

System Audits

  • Our architects, engineers, and consultants can analyze and optimize your systems for cost and performance.

Legacy Application Modernization

IT Modernization

  • Our senior consultants can update your entire IT environment and workflows to enhance efficiency. 

Digital Strategy

  • We offer guidance for the successful implementation of your digital business models, new technologies, and industry innovations.

Digital Applications

  • Optimizing your digital transformation process using our proven frameworks and custom-designed applications. 

User Experience Enhancement

  • User experience matters to your internal operations as well as to your customers. Our UX experts develop interfaces that users love.  

Agile/DevOps Transformation

AI and Automation

Methods for Modernizing Legacy Applications


  • Preparation of the migration, for example, from on-premise to cloud environment  


  • Rewriting and editing software for the new system and environment 


  • Optimization of the software and IT environment for performance and Stability 


  • Preparing your data, software, and IT systems for a new environment 


  • Replacing software with new off-the-shelf or custom solutions 


  • Retiring old systems by removing them from your IT landscape 

Legacy App Modernization: The 3 Success Factors

There are multiple reasons why you’re required to update outdated systems:

  • You must update outdated systems for multiple reasons, including end-of-support, compliance issues, maintainability issues, high expenses, scalability and performance requirements, and more. 
  • No matter your challenges, preparing yourself thoroughly is crucial to ensure a smooth execution and transition. Sometimes, these legacy systems can be your company’s most valuable assets or a significant part of the value chain. We’ve identified three critical factors for the successful execution of modernization projects: 
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1. The Analysis of Your Legacy System & Data

  • Conducting a thorough analysis of your legacy system is crucial. Failing to do so can lead to project delays, data loss, a system lacking essential functionality and performance, or even a complete outage.  
  • This could easily lead to excruciating financial losses for your company. That’s why legacy system modernization projects require more experience, knowledge, and professionalism than most other software development projects.  
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2. The Right Choice for Your New Systems

  • One key factor for success is selecting the proper setup for your needs. However, it’s not just about finding the right combination of systems. You must also ensure they integrate well, perform efficiently, and provide reliability and stability.  
  • Your new system should balance future-proofing with stability and security. The most recent version may not necessarily be the best choice for your needs. You must thoroughly understand the available options and your individual needs. 
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3. Experienced Teams for Your Industry

  • Depending on your setup, finding engineers who can understand and analyze your current systems and who have experience working with the same servers or coding languages can be challenging or even impossible. 
  • We have these rare-to-find legacy system experts on our team, giving you a unique advantage. Our +100 teams are specialized in various technologies and industries. By combining these teams and their capabilities, we can match them to your needs.

What Our Clients Say

Leveraging Euvic’s exceptional US-based leadership, Polish technical talent, and favorable cost structure meant that we experienced significant savings and the delivery of high-value solutions - a win/win.

Leonard Gutierrez

Director of HealthLine at Medsphere

Euvic is a competitive advantage for us. The technical excellence that Euvic has brought is not easily matched and their support has become integral to our growth strategy.

Jim Perhacs

Chief Operating Officer at Private Advisory Group

Out of all the offers we received, Euvic's was the best by far. Their profound knowledge of complex projects and proactive approach sealed the deal for us. We knew choosing them was the right decision.

Martina Akerlund

Business Project Manager at Swedbank

Why Euvic: Mastering Legacy System Modernization

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The Smart Delivery Advantage

Our smart delivery model combines US-based expertise with Polish engineering talent for seamless, cost-effective solution delivery. With a dedicated local point of contact, communication becomes effortless, ensuring your vision is understood and executed flawlessly.

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Managed Modernization Teams

We manage for results, not billable hours. Hand-selected for your project, one of our +100 managed teams can handle the execution of your modernization project, end-to-end. Modernization of Legacy Applications requires a unique set of skills. Trust our +18 years of experience.

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Top 5 Developers Globally

Polish engineers consistently rank among the world's top 5 for engineering talent. We’re proud of our pool of +5000 Polish A-player engineers. Combining the knowledge of working with legacy systems with up to date skills working on AI, enables us to provide unmatched quality.

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5-Step Engagement Process

Introductory Call

We start the process with an introductory call to understand your business objectives and ensure mutual fit.

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Technical Discovery Call

We dive deeper into your technical requirements to prepare a detailed project proposal.

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Workshop Phase (Optional)

If more details are needed, we hold a workshop to refine project estimates and outputs.

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Project Proposal

We present a detailed project proposal, outlining scope, costs, timeline, and team structure.

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We deliver high-quality solutions that meet your needs, ensuring clarity and consistent communication.

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