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How Medsphere’s Digital Transformation Drove Efficiency and Expanded Market Share

Medsphere Systems Corporation is a leading provider of affordable and interoperable healthcare IT platform solutions and services. Founded in 2002, Medsphere brings together committed clinical and technology professionals working to make quality healthcare IT solutions accessible to organizations.


Medsphere was offering a legacy inventory and supply chain management solution to hospitals and medical offices, VisCIMS. VisCIMS is critical to operations because it comprehensively tracks materials throughout medical facilities, from floors to carts and cathlabs. The solution helps administrators ensure availability of vital materials when they are needed. With VisCIMS, material flows can be managed from the warehouse across an entire facility. 

As this system aged, it struggled to meet industry requirements and needed significant updates to meet Medsphere’s stringent security and performance standards. VisCIMS was difficult to promote and sell, especially as competitors were coming to market with solutions that more readily aligned to contemporary healthcare requirements like HIPAA compliance, handling of confidential data, and cross-platform integration. Medsphere’s leadership position was at risk. 

After three years of trials with different strategies and partners, Medsphere decided to find a new path forward with custom software and needed the right partner. 

  • Increased Competition Threatened Pipeline: Medsphere experienced a downturn in sales and lost customers to competitors with technology alternatives.
  • Reliability and Performance Risks: VisCIMS was built on outdated technology, creating performance vulnerabilities and security risks.
  • Healthcare Industry Demands: The healthcare sector demands solutions that comply with health regulations, adhere to standards like HIPAA, safeguard sensitive patient data, and allow for integration across diverse healthcare systems and technologies. 
What Our Client Says

Leonard Gutierrez

Director of HealthLine at Medsphere


Medsphere selected Euvic as its partner to reinvent its healthcare inventory and supply chain management system under an entirely new solution. 

The Smart Delivery Model Advantage:

Euvic’s Smart Delivery Model was the cornerstone of this project. This model combines strategic oversight from US-based managers with cost-effective and highly skilled engineering talent based in Poland.  

Euvic was asked to enhance Medsphere’s healthcare inventory and supply chain management offerings and reinforce its industry standing. 

Euvic began the collaboration by immersing its US-based leadership team into the healthcare environment, gaining insights into the intricate dynamics of hospital supply chains. Medsphere teamed Euvic with subject matter experts who could describe the environment, challenges, and needs in detail so the Euvic team could interpret technical solutions that were a perfect fit. The team went as far as visiting hospitals and interviewing end-users to deeply understand exactly which features were needed today and in the future.  

Euvic then delivered a needs assessment that encompassed technology stacks, system architecture, operational functionalities, and potential revenue streams. 

The scope of work included: 

  • Technology Consulting: Euvic provided technology guidance, covering infrastructure, security, scalability, integration strategy, and cost optimization.
  • Digital Transformation: To address security and performance issues, Euvic launched the HealthLine solution, transitioning from legacy technology to cutting edge and advanced technologies that have matured and performed over time while ensuring compatibility with healthcare industry standards.
  • Advanced Security & HIPAA Compliance: Precision and reliability were paramount in handling sensitive data.  


By modernizing its healthcare inventory and supply chain management solution and addressing user feedback, security vulnerabilities, and integration opportunities, Medsphere was able to catalyze market expansion and secure its industry leadership.

  • 20% Reduction in Training Time: The intuitive, user-friendly design significantly reduced training duration, expediting system adoption. This ease of use played a pivotal role in Medsphere’s expansion of its client base, increasing customer satisfaction and accelerating the adoption rate among hospital staff, and facilitating integration into daily operations.
  • Market Expansion: The deployment of the new solution allows Medsphere to provide a reliable product and extend its services to larger hospital systems. This expansion secured Medsphere’s market leadership position. Because the new system could handle multiple facilities, Medsphere was able to attract new customers that needed cross-facility reporting. Critically, the new system was able to handle a much bigger load, which meant that larger facilities that could not be served by VisCIMS were now potential customers.
  • Enhanced Security & Performance: With fortified security features, optimized performance, and strict compliance with industry standards like HIPAA, the solution enhanced Medsphere’s credibility and reputation in the market and streamlined the system’s architecture for increased stability.
  • Enhanced Integration: The revamping allowed for seamless integration within the diverse hospital ecosystem, promoting adaptability and ensuring that the solution could be utilized to its fullest potential.   
What Our Client Says

Leonard Gutierrez

Director of HealthLine at Medsphere

The Dream Team

Grzegorz – Business Advisor, Solution Architect 

Łukasz – Team Tech Leader, Project Manager 

Michał – Developer 

Sylwia – QA 

Małgorzata – QA 

Tech Stack


.NET Framework

Web Services



SQL Server with Replication and Reporting Services


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