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Digital Solution for Streamlined Security Analysis and Inspections


Set Up is a consulting company that offers a strategic partner throughout the entire lease lifecycle for large and small companies, government agencies, and other types of organizations. The business concept is to help its clients through qualitative projects and change management to create better, more profitable, more efficient, and more business-oriented premises. The company operates in four areas: consulting, project management, design, and digital solutions.


Set Up


Property Management




Project Manager, Business Analyst, UI / UX Designer, Frontend developers, Backend developers, Manual Testers



One of the Set Up’s services is conducting Security Analyses and Physical Security Inspections of buildings. These include investigating security doors, alarm systems, CCTV, and much more. The work was previously performed and administered manually. As a consequence, there was duplication of effort in documenting inspection data, low data integrity, reports were created manually, and an overview of ongoing inspections was quite limited.

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Set Up needed a digital system that enables gathering all the information and data from their inspections. Their process consists of three parts: gathering information, performing the analysis, and creating reports.

To meet Set Up’s needs, we chose to build an app where the three steps of the process were linked. The app includes several features to streamline them for a user, such as:

  • Object database
  • Search functionality
  • Flexible and easy-to-use user interface
  • Categorization
  • Document management
  • Reporting


With the new application, Set Up can conduct its inspections digitally via the app. There is a clear structure and reporting is much smoother, more time is used efficiently, and the risk of errors has been reduced. With the new system, it is possible to quickly and easily compile a report that is later sent to the customer with steps that need to be taken.



For Euvic working with Set Up has been a very good experience (even though sometimes also challenging). The goals have been named precisely and the initial analysis has been very thorough and detailed. Spending more time on the design phase has helped us build a good product and meet the needs presented to us.

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