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Enhancing Employee Engagement with a New Intranet Solution


Tempest Security AB is a full-service provider of high-quality security and surveillance services, with a focus on service-intensive environments.


Tempest Security AB


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Tempest offers tailor-made security solutions and has assignments in both the public and private sectors. Their main market is Sweden, but Tempest is also present in Norway, Finland, the UK, Germany, and Turkey through the acquired companies I-CRC and Gothia Protection Group.


Tempest Security AB faced the challenge of increasing communication with all employees in a simple and cost-effective way. Communication was performed mainly through email. Tempest lacked the ability to easily reach out to everyone in the group. Many of the employees are in their first job at Tempest, and therefore the HR department and managers needed to spend many hours on communication and explaining the pay scale and other HR-related issues to the employees. Tempest wanted a solution that could embrace the communication challenge and also make internal career paths more visible.

security agent looking at the screen checking monitoring
camera installed on the building-local monitoring


The solution to Tempest’s challenges is a new intranet. Through workshops, Euvic worked together with Tempest Security AB to determine how the intranet would take shape and what features would be needed to fulfill the purpose of their custom intranet. The platform should be a way to communicate with everyone in the company whether they are in the office, at home, or out in the field. The focus has been placed on HR-related FAQs as well as examples of pay slips with clear explanations. Internal jobs and information about courses are clearly visible as Tempest has been given a simple automatic registration flow. Employees can also access the calendar to keep up to date with important events. The intranet also includes a simple forum where all employees can chat and share information, thoughts, and questions.



With good cooperation and communication between Tempest and Euvic, the project was completed within two months. Now, all Tempest employees can easily search for the needed information and to keep up to date with what is happening within the organization.

Client's feedback

Marie Rosenquist Berthold

Former head of HR at Tempest

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