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e-Poker Application

Migration to Google Cloud

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Project goal

The aim of this project was to enhance the accessibility of the e-Poker application for international project teams. Our team needed a tool that would enable efficient estimation of the difficulty and time requirements for various project elements by dispersed teams. 

Solution delivered

Our team opted to migrate the e-Poker application to Google Cloud, undertaking a comprehensive process that began with setting up the cloud environment following Google’s Security Foundation Blueprint best practices. This iterative process considered the organization’s scale, security policies, and the division of responsibilities in technological areas.


The result was a conceptualized environment based on Infrastructure as Code. During the migration, we launched two Google Kubernetes Engine clusters in different regions, ensuring redundancy and increased application availability. These clusters were then seamlessly integrated into a unified cluster fleet using the Anthos platform.


The entire process also involved implementing Layer 7 network traffic security using Google Cloud Armor service. Thanks to these efforts, we successfully executed the migration of the e-Poker application not only effectively but also securely and optimally, meeting all users requirements.

Project products

E-Poker is a practical solution designed to facilitate task estimation in Agile teams. It operates as a virtual game, allowing the project team to efficiently estimate the difficulty and time requirements for various project elements.


Here are its main features and who can use it: 

  • Task Estimation: The tool enables the team to accurately assess the difficulty and time requirements of tasks using cards representing different measurement units (e.g., points or work hours). 
  • Virtual Sessions: It allows users to participate in online planning poker sessions from anywhere in the world. 
  • Easy Comparisons: The tool permits comparing the complexity of different tasks within one session, enabling prioritization and understanding which tasks are more complicated than others. 
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Benefits of the solution

  • Increased Accessibility: Agile teams from different locations gained easy access to the application, improving their collaboration and efficiency. 


  • Redundancy: Two clusters deployed in different regions provided redundancy, eliminating a single point of failure and enhancing system reliability. 


  • Security: Thanks to Google Cloud Armor, the application was shielded from network attacks, increasing its security. 


  • Flexibility: By leveraging Google Cloud, the application became more scalable and flexible, adapting to the changing needs of the users. 


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