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Optimizing Recruitment with Data and Automation


We Select helps companies attract and recruit top candidates by combining strategic employer branding, data-driven job advertising, and automated candidate management with world-class automated recruitment services.


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We Select helps thousands of people find their dream job and now is expanding rapidly on the international market. Our client portfolio includes some of Sweden’s largest companies, such as ICA, SJ, and H&M.


The goal of We Select was a world-class automated recruitment process. The idea was to create a modern portal with the ability to combine data-driven employer branding, smart job advertising, and automated candidate management.

When Euvic started a partnership with Waylight (responsible for We Select’s IT), We Select was initially a platform built on legacy technology. The big challenge was to modernize the existing platform and make it more user-friendly. The vision was to create a modern portal that would help We Select become a modern HR tech company. The project would help candidates, We Select’s own employees, and clients who want to use the platform to automate their candidate management and employer branding.

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We Select’s solution is called Talent Software. It’s a platform built in the cloud (Azure) with the use of the SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. Euvic’s DevOps team (three developers) along with Waylight’s developers were responsible for building the technology (backend and frontend) and guiding the team through the project. With new features such as automated recruitment ads to Facebook and statistics on candidates in the recruitment process, they have built a platform that has all the features We Select needed to achieve their goal.


Now, We Select has a platform that enables an automated recruitment process and smarter recruitment. We Select was transformed from the original idea to a new modern platform that can combine data-driven Employer Branding, job advertising, and automatic candidate management. Everything is combined on one and the same platform. The company has been nominated for the year 2020 SaaS company, which is possible only for business that focuses on modern technology.

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Rickard Ryds

CEO of We Select

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