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Cloud, IoT, and Automation Transform Arriva's Operations

Migration of Windows servers to AWS, and SQL and Oracle databases to Relational Database Services.

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Arriva is a leading transportation company that caters to 170 million travelers annually, utilizing 900 buses, 150 trains, and 90 trams operated by their 3900-strong workforce.






End-User Platform, migration SQL and Oracle databases, CI/CD Pipeline System


Arriva’s IT environment was old and unstable, with several legacy systems that were not properly maintained. The constant lack of stability resulted in regular service interruptions and postponed the submission of reports, which, in turn, incurred substantial fines from transportation companies. 


Arriva faced a formidable obstacle due to the industry-wide shift towards digitalization, as its outdated IT infrastructure couldn’t adequately support the growing need for improved data access for bus drivers, traffic planners, and transport operators such as Storstockholms Lokaltrafik. 

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In partnership with Euvic, Arriva commenced a thorough IT modernization effort, commencing the transfer of multiple Windows servers, as well as critical SQL and Oracle databases, to the cloud. Euvic fine-tuned current applications to make them compatible with cloud environments and transferred several SQL and Oracle databases to Relational Database Services to take advantage of managed services. 


After stabilizing and modernizing the IT environment, (included moving to O365 and building a new, modern end-user platform), Arriva began building digital solutions to improve and optimize its train management services as the second phase. As a result, Arriva secured multiple new service contracts by showcasing their superior traffic management approach compared to their rivals. Euvic provided two development teams to finalize Arriva’s digital ‘train portal.’   


In the third phase, Arriva implemented the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to boost collaboration between IT and business departments and maximize value from digitization. They also made the choice to modernize their bus operations. Euvic provided most of the development resources, and a dedicated system team was responsible for creating and executing a Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD) pipeline. This pipeline not only enhanced the pace and quality of development but also led to a reduction in operational expenses.

Client's feedback

Fredrik Ölund

Business Development and Digitalization Manager at Arriva



Arriva is currently well-positioned for further expansion in Sweden, having undergone a significant transformation in its operational approach. The integration of new technologies has become a pivotal driver for our business, opening up opportunities that were scarcely imaginable back in 2016. 


  • Access to high-quality and cost-effective development and infrastructure teams. 
  • Operational cost savings through the implementation of a CI/CD pipeline. 
  • Streamlined and efficient development processes. 

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