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Modernizing legacy applications

Migration of applications running on VB6 to Visual Basic .NET.

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In 2014, when Microsoft announced the official end of support for Visual Basic 6, many companies using these solutions were faced with the challenge of migration. One such company was Swedbank, which decided to migrate all its applications running on VB6 to Visual Basic .NET with the assistance of Euvic. 


Swedbank didn’t have the resources to perform technological work internally, so it began to look for an external partner, announcing a formal tender procedure and inviting the largest IT outsourcing providers operating both in Sweden and abroad. Thanks to previous experience in migration projects, well-developed methodologies, and excellent references from customers and Microsoft, Euvic was chosen as the best support in such a challenge.


Swedbank tasked Euvic with the responsibility of transferring three crucial applications, encompassing a grand total of 626,000 unique lines of code. 

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After a thorough security audit, Euvic was found to adhere to all safety standards, covering both physical database access and software environment security. As a result, the Euvic team consisted of six specialists – a project manager, four developers, and a tester – worked in line with the Scrum framework, together with the Swedbank staff.  


We made a deliberate shift from VB6 to Visual Basic .Net in order to ensure that Swedbank’s core applications remained current with the latest technology. 


Euvic was responsible for the technological upgrade, transitioning to Visual Basic .NET. We helped our client improve its operational efficiency and achieve future-readiness in the rapidly evolving banking sector, ensuring sustainability and growth through technological advancements. 


  • Reducing the maintenance time for the applications from 150 man-hours to 40 man-hours. 
  • Upgrading Swedbank’s core applications with modern technology. 
  • Enhancing the sense of security for Swedbank and its employees. 

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