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Yorbl – Technology Enabled Living 

Development of an application that aggregates data from client’s devices, with access to a customizable analytical panel.

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Yorbl Technologies focuses on pioneering technology-driven care and "SMART Living" solutions aimed at enhancing well-being, autonomy, and overall health among the elderly in senior living communities.








Software Development


Backend developers, frontend developer, tester, designer/UI, DevOps, Business Analyst & Product Owner


The main aim was to create an application for Yorbl that aggregates data from their devices, enabling caregivers, family, doctors, and other professionals to access clear charts and stats. This included data from sensors (e.g., temperature, humidity) and user-input data (health status and help needs) with rolebased access control.


The app allowed device management, user management, and operated on both desktop and mobile. Yorbl already had devices and data collection services in place. The client was receptive to suggestions, making collaboration enjoyable. The interface was designed for user-friendliness in a consumer market, catering to concerned friends and family. 

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The Euvic team successfully addressed the challenge of developing a customizable analytical panel for caregivers, family members, doctors, and professionals. This application imported data from various devices and presented it graphically using customizable charts.


User access was controlled through detailed roles defined by administrators. The app also featured bulk import capabilities for devices and users, along with comprehensive management views for handling personal data, role assignments, and guardian assignments 

Client's feedback

Grant Tiller

Chief Technology Officer at Yorbl 


The implemented solution was specifically crafted to simplify the process of data interpretation for caregivers, enabling them to detect emerging health trends and early indicators of health deterioration more effectively.


What’s more, Euvic developed an easy-to-use interface that can seamlessly cater to Yorbl’s consumer market, allowing concerned friends or relatives to access it, rather than relying on healthcare professionals. 

Yourbl app
Yourbl app
Yourbl app
Yourbl app

Tools and Technologies

Microsoft Azure: Azure Active Directory B2C

.NET Core

EF Core






Azure ServiceBus


  • Access to high-quality and cost-effective development and infrastructure teams.
  • Operational cost savings through the implementation of a CI/CD pipeline.
  • Streamlined and efficient development processes.

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