Who manages my data?

The data administrator is:

Euvic S.A.

ul. Przewozowa 32,

44-100 Gliwice, Poland

Who can you get in touch with?

If you have any questions about how and to what extent your personal data is processed, or what your rights are, you can contact us by phone at +48 32 279 49 42.

You can also get in touch with:

Data Protection Officer

Adam Marczyński


or send a letter to the address Euvic S.A. ul. Przewozowa 32, 44-100 Gliwice, Poland.

Information clauses (in Polish)

  • for job applicants and internship candidates – Download pdf,
  • for those who contact the Company through the website contact form, by phone, email, letter or in person – Download pdf,
  • for those registering for events organized or co-organized by the Company – Download pdf,
  • for representatives, members of bodies / employees / subcontractors and contractors of the Company who are natural persons – Download pdf.


As part of the personal data processing in the Euvic Group, data co-management agreements have been concluded in the following areas:

  1. Sharing information about available human resources for IT projects.
  2. Data processing in HR, sales and marketing processes.

Key arrangements from the co-administration agreement:

Each co-administrator is responsible for complying with GDPR in connection with its processing of personal data.

Within the framework of co-administration, the point of contact for those concerned with their data is the EUVIC Data Protection Officer (iodo@euvic.pl).

List of co-administrators:

Company nameWebsite
Euvic S.A.www.euvic.com
CLICKAD S.Aeuvicperformance.com
Euvic Energia sp. z o.o.energia.euvic.pl
Sirocco Mobile sp. z o.o.www.siroccomobile.com
Internetium sp. z o.o.www.internetium.pl
Edge One Solutions sp. z o.o.www.edge1s.com
Euvic Services sp. z o.o.services.euvic.pl
Euvic IT S.A.www.eit.euvic.pl
Euvic Investments sp. z o.o.
EO Networks S.Aeo.pl
UNITY S.Awww.unitygroup.com
IT Challange sp. z o.o.itch.pl
LEOCODE sp. z o.o.leocode.com
Aden Plus sp. z o.o.aden.pl
Euvic AB (Szwecja)www.euvic.se
RITS PROFESSIONAL SERVICES sp. z o.o.rits.center
Codlake S.A.www.codlake.com
IFORMATION sp. z o.o.
IT-DEV sp. z o.o.www.it-dev.pl
Omnis sp. z o.o.www.omnis.pl
SOFITQ sp. z o.o.softiq.pl
Euvic Solutions sp. z o.o.www.euvic.solutions
X-Code sp. z o.o.www.x-code.pl
Stermedia sp. z o.o.stermedia.ai
HAND2BAND GROUP sp. z o.o.hand2band.media
Śląski Park Informatyczny sp. z o.o.www.parkinformatyczny.pl
Blue Brain sp. z o.o.bluebrain.pl
DVM Data Vision Media sp. z o.o. sp. k.data-vision-media.com
Speednet sp. z o.o.speednet.pl
MULTISHORING sp. z o.o.multishoring.com
Jcode sp. z o.o.jcode.pl
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