ERP and warehouse systems

Manufacturing facilities experience constant pressure to increase efficiency and productivity. In response, they make many organizational and investment efforts, especially in the area of IT. Rapid digitalization is changing the industry, becoming the foundation of production processes. In accordance with the "business first" approach, it is essential to invest in IT infrastructure, the basis for the secure functioning of the company.

Business needs - our solutions

Proper exchange of information

System integration

Increasing digitalization is making companiesโ€™ IT structures more complicated, and data flow is getting more difficult. This affects both their current operations and their growth prospects. Proper integration of IT systems can help address this.

  • Efficient data flow management.
  • Full data synchronization and better knowledge management.
  • Data management from a single location.
  • Business process optimization.
  • Easier, faster and more effective decision-making.
  • Improved financial efficiency.

Manufacturing process optimization

ERP system

ERP systems are some of the most popular and frequently implemented systems in the manufacturing industry. In the short term, they allow companies to streamline production, while in the long run they help build a competitive advantage.

  • Settlement of production and sales costs.
  • Production process structuring.
  • Registration of shortages and waste.
  • Effective quality control.
  • Automated recording of time measurements.
  • Reports and analyses.
  • Flexible production planning.

Efficient Error Management


Provide more accurate error data and manage error handling flexibly.

  • Searchable error list.
  • Detailed information about errors.
  • Advanced role and permission structure.
  • Statistics on errors and correct submissions.
  • Error notification system with configurable recipient list.
  • Reduce error resolution time by half.

Production control

MES system

We know how important it is for your company to effectively connect the level of production with the business level . Our MES systems will allow you not only to collect data, but first of all to present it in a form that facilitates analysis of the current situation and quick reactions.

  • Process efficiency improvement.
  • Easy modification of the production profile.
  • Quick adaptation to new standards.
  • Efficient information about production levels.
  • Track and manage production.
  • Production scheduling and task allocation.
  • Efficiency and quality management.
  • Document workflow management.

Warehouse inventory
and transfer control

WMS system

WMS systems have a significant impact on shaping warehouse management as well as on the effectiveness and time efficiency of warehouse processes. This tool will quickly become indispensable for you.

  • Warehouse management process automation and optimization.
  • Production and logistics events control and planning.
  • Detailed reports on the efficiency of work.
  • Fast, error-free inventories.
  • Efficient order processing.
  • Higher work efficiency.
  • Elimination of fraud and misconduct.

Easy business decision making

BI system

According to research by PwC, more and more manufacturing companies are beginning to understand the importance of business analytics. They acknowledge that it is either very or extremely important to their organizations, and is one of their key business challenges. This is why investments in innovations such as BI systems are necessary to have a real impact on improving production management processes.

  • Accelerate decision-making processes.
  • Increase revenue.
  • Build competitive advantage.
  • Identify product/service needs.
  • Identify business challenges.
  • Advanced reporting.

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Efficient data transmission

Network equipment

The need to capture and transmit ever-growing volumes of data is implicit in the concept of Industry 4.0. This is increasing the popularity of industrial network equipment, which is a significant part of our product range.

  • Network devices (switches, firewalls, routers, WIFI, etc.).
  • CCTV systems (cameras, DVRs, motion detectors).
  • Access control systems based on cards or radio remote controls.
  • Thermal printers.
  • Mobile terminals.

Efficient IT service management

ITSM system

Effective IT services are those that are properly organized and structured. You can spend years arranging your IT work - or you can do it quickly and efficiently with our ITSM system.

  • Business process optimization.
  • Efficient service of IT service users.
  • Multi-language support.
  • High performance and scalability.
  • Hardware and software management.
  • Systems maintenance.
  • Data security.

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