IT for the public sector

Cutting-edge public institutions are marked by streamlined task execution, rapid information exchange, seamless communication and high data security. However, for these institutions to stand out, it has become necessary to build an efficient, scalable IT environment that supports effective process management and service provision.

Business needs - our solutions

All data available in one place

Systems integration

Public institutions tend to use numerous IT systems, often outdated and completely unrelated. The challenge is to integrate them properly and securely while maintaining high performance.

  • Better work organization.
  • Guarantee of data security.
  • Proper internal and external communication.
  • Easy management of geographically dispersed official units.

Software usability improvement

Modernization of IT systems

The level of technological debt in public institutions, despite the proactive digitalization of this area, is still very high. The rapid technological advancement of hardware and software causes changes in the lifecycle of IT systems, which is why migrations now play a primary role.

  • Elimination of system performance problems.
  • Quick response to changes in the market environment.
  • Upgraded software support and maintenance.
  • System maintenance cost optimization and less expensive system development.

Improved internal communication


Knowing employees’ needs is essential to meeting their expectations. The more employees, the more difficult direct contact with them is. We help you take care of this area and avoid information overload or contradictory messaging by implementing a professional intranet.

  • Unique content management mechanism.
  • Advanced rights structure.
  • Promotion of selected content.
  • Active support of corporate culture.
  • Verification of compliance with the communication strategy and corporate values.

Smart service for residents

Mobile application

Mobile applications increasingly support the work of public administration, facilitating information and communication processes. The scale of their use varies - from simple SMS notifications to augmented reality. This one tool offers many possibilities.

  • Speeding up administrative matters.
  • Availability 24/7/365.
  • Promoting information about the city/region and selected tourist attractions.
  • Weather data for city/region.
  • Panorama of the city/region.
  • Notifications about events in the city/region.

Professional data analysis

Big data

IT projects for public institutions involve a number of challenges related to working with large datasets. The public sector requires the use of best practices and the most efficient solutions, as well as professional technical documentation.

  • Improvement of decision-making processes.
  • Improving communication and strengthening relationships with residents.
  • Collecting, harmonizing and analyzing data.
  • Custom solutions for data visualization and access.
  • Single data repository for easy access using publicly available tools.

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Management of residents' interests

Municipal contact center

Looking at the challenges of the modern world and the pace of life, more and more cities see the need to take advantage of technological support and move the relationship with their residents to a higher level. IT projects in the area of smart cities facilitate access to public services and mobility in the urban space, as well as improving the quality of service and communication between citizens and offices.

  • Reception and management of residents’ requests.
  • 24/7 maintenance and support.
  • Resident profile.
  • Newsletter.
  • Reports.
  • Knowledge base.
  • Electronic document circulation.

Comprehensive information security

IT infrastructure

Security of IT solutions in the public administration sector is of particular importance. The large amount of personal and financial data processed means that there is no room for error, and cyberattacks can have dire consequences. That means it’s crucial to invest in IT solutions that comply with ever-changing legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Data security.
  • Effective management of all IT operational elements: strategy, processes, equipment, data and human resources.
  • Monitoring of IT infrastructure.
  • IT administration.
  • Remote and local support.
  • Licenses and software.
  • Hardware and telecommunication services.

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Digital transformation

Cloud computing

Due to the large amount of data processed by the public sector, the use of the cloud is becoming inevitable. It allows users to increase productivity and, contrary to common fears, data security.

  • Streamlining of key business processes.
  • High data security.
  • Performance and scalability.
  • Faster time to innovation.

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