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IT Support and Administration in the Manufacturing Sector


An American conglomerate specializing in the production and sale of various products.


An American conglomerate specializing in the production and sale of various products.




IT Support


Our client approached us with a broad need for IT support. They were fully aware that lacking expertise in the IT domain, keeping up with technological advancements, implementing improvements, or simply maintaining the highest quality of solutions would be challenging. Hence, they sought a partner who could grasp their needs and the daily challenges they faced and assist them in overcoming them. 


In a comprehensive collaboration, we offered the client: 

  • Remote and on-site IT support for users, 
  • Management and supervision of IT services, 
  • Support for the IT department in planning operational and investment expenditures, as well as managing contracts and IT vendors, 
  • Management of utilized applications and maintenance of software documentation, 
  • Continuous IT inventory management, 
  • Coordination of a warehouse network infrastructure development project, 
  • Technological support for warehouse positions, 
  • Helpdesk process coordination and logistical support for IT equipment repairs, 
  • IT infrastructure management and support in expanding into new areas. 


All the aforementioned services are provided by us to a total of approximately 3100 users across 8 locations in Poland and around 60 users in Ukraine. By leveraging these services, the client can more efficiently manage all essential IT operational components, including strategy, processes, hardware, data, and human resources. 


By entrusting Euvic with full responsibility for managing the IT Infrastructure domain, the client ensured innovation, minimized technological downtime, and the ability to focus entirely on the development of their business. 



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