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New technologies as a valuable tool contributing to the success of the energy industry

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Software development


To pursue efficient and uninterrupted information exchange—a significant challenge, especially with a large number of employees—and to achieve fast and problem-free operational processes, one of our clients from the energy industry approached us with a request for support in: 

  • automating the flow of information, 
  • recording customer and energy consumption data, 
  • streamlining all contract processes, 
  • adjusting the system to changing regulations. 


Understanding the needs of the client and the specifics of their industry, our team created a visually attractive, functional, and integrated system responsible for the full automation of business processes. The software we built is based on the following technologies: .NET Framework WINForms, WCF, Workflow, Release Management, TeamCity, and TFS. 

The applications we developed, both mobile and web versions, enabled the client to: 

  • optimize the working time of all employed specialists, 
  • reduce billing and invoicing time by two-thirds (from 15 days to only 5 days).


The implemented software allowed the client to generate long-term savings and increase work efficiency. As a result, all operational data is now presented in a clear and easily accessible form. 


The energy industry is currently experiencing many difficulties, such as climate change, rising energy costs, and diminishing fossil fuel reserves. In order to function smoothly and profitably, it is necessary to implement new technologies emerging on the market and to modernize those already in use. Through their appropriate application, our client can maintain competitiveness and respond to current multidimensional challenges, both domestically and globally. 

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