Billing System

The electricity market is developing dynamically, and the settlements related to its sale and distribution are quite complicated. The relatively frequent changes in the regulations in this area are also a challenge. That is why it is worth using a billing system that will not only be flexible, secure, and adapted to current regulations, but also provide high-quality data and ease of use.

Solution architecture

EUVIC Billing is our proprietary, comprehensive IT solution designed for small and medium energy companies, accounting from several to tens of thousands of recipients. Its functionalities are fully adapted to the needs of sellers and distributors servicing shopping malls, business parks, economic zones, and housing estates.

This solution includes four fully integrated systems:

  • Billing
  • Payments and Debt Collection
  • Customer Portal
  • Workflow

Benefits of implementation

Our system is constantly developed with new functionalities, and its development directions are continuously consulted with users. Due to constant monitoring of changes in legal regulations, the system’s functionalities are always adapted to the current requirements regarding both the accounts themselves (e.g. new fees) and related reporting.

The main benefits of its use are:

  • work time optimization,
  • automation of the billing process,
  • full control over settlement results and the possibility its easy corrections,
  • shortening the invoicing time enabling quick closing of the month,
  • intuitive generation of controlling reports.

Comprehensive support in project implementation

Licenses for using the billing system can be granted in the “on-premise” model (as a one-time purchase) or “SaaS” (software as a service – as a service based on monthly fees for access to specific modules).

We provide our clients with comprehensive support at every stage of the project.

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