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eoNetworks acquires Sensi Labs Ltd.!

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eoNetworks, a key company within the Euvic Group, continues its dynamic growth in international markets through strategic investments following a successful transaction with H2B. This time, the focus is on the United Kingdom, where eoNetworks acquires the innovative software house Sensi Labs Ltd. EO has acquired a 98.20% stake from the founders of Sensi. 

"Our operations are gaining significant momentum. We have committed to dynamic growth and are effectively executing our adopted strategy, which involves both organic development and growth through acquisitions. We are increasingly exploring foreign markets and the needs of international clients, hence seeking opportunities to invest in entities with competencies that complement ours. Sensi Labs, with a strong focus on end-to-end solutions, particularly in web and mobile applications, cybersecurity expertise, and, most importantly, knowledge of the UK market, along with an intriguing portfolio of clients and projects, is an investment in the development of our presence in international markets for both eoNetworks and the entire Euvic Group." – Błażej Piech, CEO of eoNetworks S.A.

Sensi Labs is an innovative software house founded in 2012, with offices in Poland and the United Kingdom. They create digital products for startups, established companies, and corporations primarily in Europe, especially in Poland and the UK. Specializing in end-to-end solutions, they cover everything from analysis and consulting for business clients to implementing specific solutions based on the latest technologies, and maintaining and developing implemented solutions. The Sensi Labs team was part of the group that co-created some of the largest Polish startups when they entered the market, such as Booksy (a booking app implemented in over 20 markets) and iTaxi. In their portfolio, they also have proprietary solutions using augmented reality and facial recognition technology, applied in creating applications for trying on glasses, jewelry, hats, ski goggles, and masks. Sensi’s experts also serve as external consultants for cybersecurity. 

"For years, we have focused our efforts on the British market, collaborating with businesses in the automotive, medical, and even forensic sectors. We enjoy challenges, often undertaking unconventional projects. We offer our clients holistic project management and advice – the role of a virtual CTO. We are proud that our clients stay with us for years. Joining the EUVIC group is a natural next step for us; our work culture and sense of social responsibility align. Together, we can achieve more." – Tomasz Zalewski, Director and CTO of Sensi Labs LTD.

Together with H2B, Sensi Labs will become an integral part of the Euvic Group, contributing to enriching the portfolio of competencies and offerings. We are ready for the next stage of dynamic development, supporting our clients in new, international markets. 

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