We Welcome New Companies to the Euvic Group

Technological Expansion in Ukraine

Euvic Ukraine

We are thriving beyond the eastern border, advancing our mission in line with the goals of the Euvic 2030 strategy. Following the successful investment in Exoft last November, we are delighted to welcome three more Ukrainian companies into the group: Artkai, 7devs, and Lampa Software. This is a natural progression for us, driven by our commitment to supporting Ukrainian IT companies during challenging times, immediately after the outbreak of the conflict. Our collaboration with Exoft has reinforced our belief that investments in this market are not only a business opportunity but also vital support for the Ukrainian community. 

"Last year, we established a partnership with the Lviv-based company, Exoft. After a year of collaboration, we can confidently affirm that despite geopolitical uncertainties, the Ukrainian IT business remains stable. A year of shared experiences has convinced us that this is a promising direction for investments, seeking business partners, and engaging in joint ventures. These endeavors also have an additional dimension – they create job opportunities and are strategically important for supporting the Ukrainian community." – Wojciech Wolny, CEO of Euvic S.A.

The new additions to the family, namely Artkai Holding LCC, 7dev LTD, and Lampa Software LCC, bring unique expertise in product design and IT services in an outsourcing model. Together, we now form a team of around 300 specialists generating revenues of $10 million, with over 95% coming from the international market. The signing of investment agreements on November 17th in Lviv opens new development prospects for us. 

"Our key task now is to develop a collaboration model among the new Group members and ensure their seamless integration into the entire Euvic Group ecosystem. Drawing on our know-how and experience in harnessing the potential and synergy of entities within the Group, we aim to create an efficient center of competence in Ukraine, focusing on the development of project portfolios and clients in international markets." – Łukasz Czernecki, Vice President of Euvic S.A. and CEO of Euvic Ukraine.

We are continuously exploring investment opportunities in Ukraine with the support of MergeWave Capital, specialists in mergers, acquisitions, and investments in the Ukrainian market. We target companies employing 50 to 150 people, emphasizing high-quality services, solutions, and a proven model for acquiring clients in foreign markets. Our operations in Ukraine mirror the successful business model in Poland, built on collaboration and synergy between companies and teams. 

 Full of enthusiasm for the upcoming challenges and hope for further innovative successes in the Ukrainian technology market, we welcome the new companies to the Group. 

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