Direct support. Helpdesk IT. Call center.

We provide a cost-effective direct support service that includes technical support for your local branches (with access service), an IT helpdesk and the possibility for your company to launch your own call center (for employee service, retail clients, or telemarketing). We provide direct support services based on our own service network and our Call Center. Support can cover all your branches – both in Poland and in other countries.

IT Help Desk Outsourcing Services

IT help desk outsourcing services from Euvic include comprehensive first, second and third line technical support for customers across various segments, based on a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and ITIL 2011 best practices. We start providing IT help desk services by designing a service strategy to ensure it meets your business needs. Next, we assign a team with the needed skills, split the responsibilities and only then we start operation. The ongoing management of services is accompanied by a continual service improvement process.

Advantages of our IT help desk outsourcing service

We draw on over a decade’s experience in delivering high-quality technical support to large enterprises worldwide. It is easy for us to ensure service continuity, including taking over responsibilities in case of employee vacancies or dismissal, knowledge management and transfer.

You can take advantage of our high-quality IT support services either in the 24/7 or 8/5 mode, depending on your business needs.

Outsourcing IT help desk to Euvic you can take advantage of IT help desk services at a price about 50 percent lower than using a provider from the US or Western European countries, while achieving a higher level of efficiency.

Taking over all the three support lines we can become a single IT competency center for your company. This makes it easier and faster to solve possible IT problems, to manage that aspect of your operations and control its cost-effectiveness.

Team and work organization

Having set the service strategy, Euvic assign a group of consultants and engineers to work for the client. They are grouped in the following teams:

  • The 1st line support team – available 24/7 or 8/5 (depending on your business needs). All of its members speak fluent English or another needed language, and are trained to solve common problems related to the IT support area. The client’s staff may contact Customer Support via phone, email, IM and a web portal. In the Help Desk system, available through a web portal, users can access a list of their requests with the full history of performed actions. In the case of a status change or new information, the system automatically sends email notifications.
  • The second line support team – also available 24/7 or 8/5. It performs complex administrative tasks and resolves more serious issues handed over by the first line of support.
  • The third line support team – performs tasks related to the implementation of new technologies as well as deals with the current development and maintenance of the supported systems.
Tools we use KPIs and measures Technical support services
  • Software (with automation applied):
    • Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Track, JIRA, Sonar, Redmine, Bugzilla, Mantis, Jenkins.
    • MS SharePoint portal, self-service portal, knowledge base.
  • Telecom infrastructure:
    • Dedicated local phone numbers, GSM/VoIP, Skype.
We can also adapt to any tools you are familiar with.
  • We intensively use KPIs to measure the service quality and be able to improve it year over year.
  • Examples of KPIs we use include (but are not limited to):
    • Customer Satisfaction Rate.
    • First Call Resolution.
    • Speed to Answer.
    • Call Abandonment.
We provide technical support services related to (but not limited to):
  • EDI processing.
  • Hardware support.
  • Desktop, mobile & web app support and development.
  • Network connectivity.
  • Database service.