Euvic awarded for building good Polish-American relations

On the the American Independence Day (4 July) we received the award “Great Inspirations – Promoter of the US-Polish Cooperation 2019” from the  US-Polish Trade Council. It has been given out since 2014 to companies and institutions for their efforts towards developing and strengthening contacts between the US and Poland. It recognizes achievements in four areas: economy, science, culture and politics. Award winners receive a diploma and a plaque with an eagle which combines elements of Polish and American national emblems.

As the awarding committee wrote, the event “contributes to recognizing and honoring those who work hard to develop economic and scientific cooperation, bring people and cultures closer together and strengthen political ties between our countries”.

We received the award in the American themed amusement park Twinpigs in Żory during the family picnic celebrating this American holiday.