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Next-Gen “Ideation-as-a-Service” – How to Innovate at the Speed-of-Thought

“Ideation-as-a-service”, which enables companies to generate minimum viable product through rapid prototyping during innovation workshops, is a great way to test and verify new digital business ideas within a few weeks. However, you need to make this process as specific and tangible as possible to be able to achieve the results you want and need.


How to make “Ideation as a Service” work was a subject of Gartner’s October 31st, 2017 report “Market Insight: Six Techniques to Maximize Digital Business Ideation Project Revenue and Margins” by Rob Addy.

“Assembling a crack squad or a ‘tiger team’ of domain specialists and technology experts and locking them in a room to percolate and procrastinate is an old-school model. Deliberately experimenting, accepting (or welcoming) failure and helping customers to consciously step outside of their collective groupthink-driven comfort zones are critical components of next-generation ideation-as-a-service offerings,” wrote Rob Addy in the report.

Gartner states that the diagram below (which is one of the figures in the report) “shows how treating ideation as an abstract concept helps no one.”


Customer Perceptions and Project Defnition Depth


In the report section entitled “Ambiguity Is Not Our Friend; We Must Define What We Will Deliver,” Gartner states:

  • “Providers need to clearly define their approach and what it is they will and will not do for the money they are paid if they are to help buyers to understand what they can expect.
  • Ambiguous service descriptions cause consternation and confusion.
  • By defining the scope of works and the outputs of the process succinctly, providers are able to demonstrate their contribution more clearly and help buyers to understand the value associated with their efforts.
  • Clear and concise role definitions help the customer to select internal project participants more appropriately and communicate what is expected of those individuals more readily.”

Gartner’s subscribers may read this report here.


Euvic’s next gen “Ideation-as-a-service” offering portfolio

Euvic believes that its next-gen “Ideation as a service” offerings surpasses traditional innovation workshop models and provides the process and capabilities that digital business transformation needs today.

“Our tiered portfolio of ideation-as-a-service options enables our clients to select the approach that fits their immediate requirements and budget constraints whilst helping them to evaluate the broader array of innovation development techniques available,” said Andrzej Biesiekirski, board member at Euvic.

You can read the description of Euvic’s version of the service here.


If you want to find out more about how you can enable digital business transformation in your organization at the speed of thought, please attend an hour-long webinar planned for May 16th, 2018. We will share the critical steps of a successful ideation-as-a-service initiative, at the same time giving you an inside view into real-life ideation projects we have carried out for our clients.