Body/Team Leasing

Being a reliable IT partner has let us establish a special bond with our customers

Euvic gives you access to the knowledge and competence of individual IT specialists or entire project teams, allowing you to make use of the right skills for your project. We take care of selecting and verifying specialists, as well as all the necessary recruitment and retention formalities. We take full responsibility for the execution of the tasks entrusted to us, so the strictly operational part of your business gets your full engagement.

Body/Team leasing

Finding, hiring and managing the right talent based on our clients’ needs. From developers to data scientists to project managers, we provide only the best fit to expand your team.

Body/Team leasing
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To the extent that more and more of our partners were willing to engage our employees in their projects. We began with occasional outsourcing, but over the years, it eventually became quite a big part of our business.

In 2018 we decided to create a separate business line due to the acquisition of a rapidly developing company, Edge One Solutions. Its unique skill of working with corporates by ramping up dedicated competence centers enabled us to consolidate all our outsourcing services into a separate business pillar.

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for our customers all over the world!

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