IT Infrastructure

IT isn’t just about software development...

When it comes to infrastructure, we guarantee effective management of all operational IT elements, including strategy, processes, equipment, data and human resources. We provide maintenance, support and optimization of hardware and software operation, as well as End User support through our call centers. Our monitoring services give you full control over your entire IT infrastructure, both in traditional data centers and in distributed cloud computing.


Effective management of all necessary IT operational elements, including strategy, processes, equipment, data and human resources.

IT infrastructure monitoring
IT administration

Printer outsourcing
Telecommunications hardware
Telecommunications services
Servers and storage
Licences and software

IT Security
Cloud computing
IT audit & consulting
Direct support
SAP maintenance and development

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Our story

Our customers need servers, computing power, laptops, enterprise software licenses, technical support, administrative services and help desks.

Over the years, we’ve observed a growing need to add these services to our portfolio.

We started off by supporting customers in their relationships with other partners, but eventually we decided to provide a full infrastructure service of our own as a complementary service.

We’re thrilled to see
how Infrastructure services
are the fastest growing part
of our organization!

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