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Comprehensive printing service for selected locations of Poczta Polska S.A.

Providing fleet management system for devices, secure and follow-print supporting system and help-desk system.

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Poczta Polska S.A. stands as Poland's premier provider of postal, courier, and logistics solutions, offering comprehensive services for mail, packages, and the transport of goods both domestically and internationally.


Poczta Polska S.A. was seeking a partner to provide comprehensive print management support and supply the necessary elements for their delivery needs. This is why they initiated a partnership with Euvic, which was responsible for delivering a comprehensive printing service to selected company locations, involving over 3,000 devices.

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The service offered by Euvic distinguishes the following key features: 

  1. Comprehensive document management capabilities, encompassing printing, copying, scanning, delivery services, and the provision of necessary hardware and IT tools (referred to as “the System”) for service utilization and billing. 
  2. Physical installation of the printing infrastructure at all specified client locations. 
  3. Delivery, implementation, and initiation of the System by the Contractor at the client’s premises, including system updates and the provision of essential licenses. This may also involve the transfer of copyrights and property rights to enable the client and its employees to use the System. 
  4. Training sessions for both end-users and the technical staff of the client, accommodating up to 1,200 participants. 
  5. Preparation and delivery of the Technical Project, with the transfer of copyrights and property rights to the client. 
  6. Preparation and delivery of Documentation in a minimum of two copies, one in hardcopy and the other in electronic format on a CD-ROM compatible with Adobe Reader software. These files will be saved in PDF format and provided in Polish, along with the transfer of copyrights and property rights to the client. 
  7. The continual supply of Consumables (excluding paper) to each location throughout the entire service period, including the collection of used Consumables at the expense of the Contractor. 
  8. Ongoing Service Maintenance and Management, including Service Monitoring, for the entire duration of the service agreement. 
  9. Provision of a Support Application, such as a Help Desk ticketing system, to the client, along with necessary licenses or the transfer of copyrights and property rights. This enables the client and its employees to effectively utilize the Support Application for technical support and ticket handling within the client’s Help Desk system. 


The project aims to provide a service to Poczta Polska by deploying the necessary system, equipment, supplies, and additional essentials for service provision, as well as handling the retrieval of used materials and equipment from the client at selected locations. 


  • Cost savings relative to the traditional procurement of printing equipment (capital assets). 
  • Removal of expenses linked to excessive procurement and warehousing of consumables. 
  • Guaranteeing an uninterrupted printing service. 

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