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“Moja Polenergia” – electronic customer service office


Polenergia is the largest private energy group in Poland, whose customers include large, medium and small businesses and individual consumers for whom environmentally friendly energy sources are important.








Software Development


2x Designer, Analytic, Technical Team Lead, 4x Web Developer, 5x Mobile Developer, 3x QA, DevOps


The primary task was to create an electronic customer service office. The system was to be characterized by the automation of the processes of customer access to information about available Energy Points, energy consumption and new billing documents. In addition, it was important to enable online payment of invoices and update customer data in the company’s systems. 

The second part of the project was to create Landing Pages as dedicated pages for obtaining information from new customers and customers changing their product (tariff) selection. 

The client’s resources included source systems, a billing and invoicing system (Billing and Fakturynka – also products of Euvic Energia) storing information about billing documents, invoices and interest notes, as well as information about customers, i.e. their contact information, which was updated by direct contact with BOK staff or ContactCenter. 

Therefore, the project focused mainly on automating processes, both from the side of paying invoices online and setting up new contracts. 


The project’s main result was the preparation of an electronic customer service office, available from the level of WEB application (ergonomically adapted to desktop) and Mobile (adapted to mobile devices, especially smartphones). The solution developed in Flutter technology allowed a significant reduction in the time and cost of its development and maintenance while providing dedicated applications for iOS and Android platforms. 

In addition, introducing an API with a separate identity provider allows the same methods to be used by any client, Web/Mobile, or dedicated tool for the client’s employees under the name “administrator panel.” 

Since the vast majority of the data presented in the customer portal comes from Billing and Invoice, an additional “adapter” (Connector/Adapter) has been introduced between the customer portal and Invoice. In theory, the adapter issues an interface through the implementation of which the customer portal can interact with any billing system. 

The final element of the project was the introduction of dedicated web pages, allowing the user to enter the data needed to create a contract. Then launching a semi-automatic process of importing data into the Billing system and creating an agreement in the system (eventually, the process will be fully automatic). 


  • The ability to integrate with any billing system by using the implementation of Connector’s standardized interface. 
  • Significant reduction of time spent on customer service. 
  • Introduction of a new channel of communication with the customer through in-app notifications and push notifications, improving contact with the customer and expanding the possibilities of information campaigns to customers in the case of new products or warnings against scam attempts (e.g. warnings against fake SMS impersonating POLD). 

Michał Michalski

CEO at Polenergia


The project produced the following several products: 

  •     Electronic customer service office in WEB and MOBILE versions. 
  •     Creation of API allowing any customer to use the same methods. 
  •     Connection of the existing Billing system with the created solution. 
  •     Landing pages supporting the process of acquiring data of new customers. 



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