Swedbank’s cost-effective key systems’ upgrade in cooperation with Euvic

With Euvic’s assistance SwedBank, a leading bank operating in Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, upgraded its key systems from the legacy Visual Basic 6 technology to the newest Visual Basic .NET. In this way the Bank decreased non-operational risk as regards its systems, ensuring that they made use of supported technology. The process was completed in line with the best practices and about 50 percent cheaper than using IT outsourcing services available in Sweden.


Swedbank is a modern bank firmly rooted in Sweden’s savings bank history. With 7.2 million private and 600,000 corporate and organisational customers, Swedbank holds a leading position in its home markets of Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. As a major bank, it is a significant part of the financial system of these countries and plays an important role in the local communities it serves.…


Find out more about how SwedBank’s key systems have been upgraded in cooperation with Euvic in the case study.