The cooperation model – Body Leasing or Agile Dev Factory?

The choice of the model of cooperation with a company that supports development in the IT area is often one of the key decisions when creating IT solutions. When working on a project, we may decide to invite selected specialists or consider cooperation in the Agile Dev Factory model.

Need for domain experts – Body Leasing

Hiring subject-matter experts is the best solution when we need support in specific areas. Specialists can supplement an existing team or take part in creating hybrid teams. Another possibility is to create teams consisting entirely of hired specialists.

The advantage of this model is the efficient complementation of competencies within the team, with those that would take too long to master by internal teams. This model of cooperation requires a precise definition of the profile of the specialist you are looking for and the setting of clear objectives.

Need for a partner in the project – Agile Dev Factory

Cooperation in the Agile Dev Factory model may be the best solution when looking for a partner to create, develop, and maintain IT solutions. Taking full responsibility for technological issues and project management will allow us to fully focus on business development.

The advantage of the Agile Dev Factory is the implementation of the project in accordance with the Agile approach and the DevOps culture. This allows us to focus on providing an MVP and confronting the business vision with the market reality as quickly as possible.

Cooperation in this model involves continuous improvement of products and processes, automation of manufacturing processes, and easy scalability of the number of teams.

Body Leasing vs Agile Dev Factory

Body leasing Agile Dev Factory
Scope of cooperation completion of the selected part completion of the entire project
Organizational culture customer’s organizational culture Agile and DevOps culture
Team structure on the customer side on the supplier side
Management work management on the customer side work management on the supplier side, according to the chosen approach
Time of access to programmers 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the profile approximately 3 weeks
Billing for cooperation based on time spent working based on the achieved results, measured in KPIs
Scalability depending on the chosen approach easy

Both models allow you to achieve your chosen business goals efficiently, provide access to expert knowledge, and reduce risks and costs of project delivery. It is worth remembering, however, that regardless of the model of cooperation, the most important thing is to choose the right partner in the implementation of IT solutions.