Supporting Investment Funds to create value by digitizing portfolio companies

Do you need a trusted and experienced IT partner to support the transition stage as well as the organizational growth and value enhancement of business units that are spun off from or carved out of their parent companies? We can support such ventures by providing technology audits and comprehensive services to optimize IT departments’ efficiency as well as enhancing their value through digital transformation. We have plenty of experience in this field, including proven frameworks, a number of successful projects and over 3,500 engineers. Efficient, smart cost management, fully optimized and leveraged knowledge and experience.

Optimizing IT Department Efficiency

At the pre-transition stage we perform a technology audit, including physical infrastructure, software licensing, help desk, maintenance and support process organization. We also carry out a software code and technology stack review.

We use data gathered during the audit to create an IT strategy supporting the investor’s goals. It will supply their management with information and recommendations on necessary changes in the spin-off/carve-out resulting from structural transformation in areas such as:

  • IT infrastructure,
  • IT security and compliance,
  • business continuity,
  • needed upgrades and enhancements of existing IT solutions,
  • IT department processes reorganization.

Enhancing the way fundamental IT functions spin-off’s and carve-out’s

During the transition stage we enhance the way fundamental IT functions of the spin-off or carve-out are organized by conducting necessary implementation and migration projects.

  • Eliminating restrictions on access to the parent company’s IT resource
  • Accelerating cloud transformation
  • Enhancing IT operations in areas such as quality and standardization of services
  • Optimizing the use of resources
  • Increasing the scalability of services and resources

Managed Interim Services

We can also provide you with managed interim services for your spin-off and carve-out project.

Staff augmentation

  • Supplying of interim leaders for key roles such as a CIO / CTO / scrum master / project manager
  • Providing proven leadership through times of change, complexity, and risk with interim leaders
  • Flexible working arrangements – both full- and part-time

IT operations with service assurance

  • IT help desk team outsourcing to create first, second and third line technical support for customers and employees, based on a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and ITIL 2011 best practices
  • DevOps transition and delivery optimization to increase efficiency in the provision of software-based services
  • Additional IT systems integration, cloud and mobile enablement projects

Value Enhancement Through Innovation

We practice our original MVP (Minimum Viable Product) as a Service approach, allowing quick verification of ideas and their implementation using technologies such as AI and Machine Learning, Big Data, Blockchain, Robotic Process Automation, VR and others, as well as methods like Lean Startup, Design Thinking or Open Innovation.

You can use our broad experience to create new solutions enhancing the value of your spin-off or carve-out.

  • Collaboration – efficient meetings environment and tools for internal and external channel.
  • Commerce – better managed sales and customer service.
  • Resource Planning – tailored and integrated applications.
  • Industry-specific innovating products and services based on cutting-edge technologies.

While implementing innovation we make use of ready-made components, platforms and frameworks from leading  IT providers as well as our in-house developed software to make launching innovation as quick and cost-effective as possible.


BID Equity

A private equity firm solely investing into B2B software companies predominately in the DACH region. The company operates based on a software-centric value enhancement model to help the acquired companies accelerate their growth. Euvic is a strategic nearshoring DevOps partner of BID Equity, providing value by increasing the performance of the acquired companies through enhancing their process efficiency and lowering their costs through more precise and flexible capacity regulation.

3TS Capital Partners

One of the leading European technology focused growth capital firms. 3TS provides expansion capital and buyout funding for Global Challengers and Local Leaders in growth sectors including Technology & Internet, Media & Communications and Technology-Enabled Services. Euvic has supported 3TS Capital Partners in recent years in the scope of technical due diligence audits that contained analysis of IT structure, production cycle, QA, IT-related agreements with third parties, as well as firms short and long-term IT solutions recommendations. As a result, 3TS received reports of the IT departments’ efficiency, quality, and perspectives, which were helpful in the further investment process. Euvic also provided the IT support for 3TS portfolio companies (review of tools and systems, implementation support and interim CTO or developers).


A leading manufacturer and supplier of carbon and graphite products used in the aluminum, primary iron, and other smelting industries. The company started the cooperation with Euvic to streamline the post-merger IT infrastructure transition from its previous owner’s IT resources to a new IT outsourcer. Tokai COBEX wants to improve the security of its IT operations and business continuity by eliminating restrictions on access to IT resources and specialist knowledge. The main goal of the cooperation is to enhance IT operations in areas such as quality and standardization of services, optimizing the use of resources, and increasing the scalability of services and resources.