loga Omnitec i Euvic Solutions

Omnitec changes its name to Euvic Solutions

In July, the final stages were completed of the consolidation of Omnitec S.A. which is a part of one of the business pillars forming the Euvic Group, namely the IT infrastructure. As a result, the company changed its name and now officially operates as Euvic Solutions. This is another step on the way to implementing the development strategy adopted by the group, which will certainly be of great value to both the company’s partners and its customers.

Omnitec S.A. has been present on the market for 15 years and has been associated with the Euvic Group for 4 years. During this time, the company has grown significantly (today it employs 60 people and plans to continue its intensive growth) and has changed its business profile radically. For over a year now, the company has been actively implementing the Integrator 2.0 strategy, under which the Euvic group provides comprehensive services and supports the implementation of IT projects at every stage, within the four business pillars: Software Development, Body/Team Leasing, IT Infrastructure and Innovations. Euvic Solutions strongly supports the area of IT infrastructure by undertaking advanced integrator-infrastructure projects.

Thanks to its high specialization in the area of IT infrastructure, Euvic Solutions perfectly complements the competences of Euvic Group, supporting customers in such areas as: integration of information and communication systems, network solutions, Industry 4.0, Cloud, CyberSecurity, Machine Learning, IoT or broadly defined Digital Transformation. Moreover, projects implemented and launched by Euvic Solutions are based on technologies of the world’s largest IT manufacturers, such as HPE, Dell, Lenovo, Aruba, Veeam, Citrix, IBM, VMware, Microsoft, Oracle or Cisco.

”As our business activities developed, Omnitec S.A. played an increasingly important role in Euvic. Its consolidation has, therefore, become a strategic objective for us and will certainly not only contribute to the development of the entire organization but will also bring many benefits to our customers and business partners”
Wojciech Wolny, President of Euvic Group

The merger of both companies is a huge step towards implementing large projects and building a certification and training policy that will open up new opportunities for us to achieve the highest partner status with the world’s largest technology manufacturers. It will also allow us to guarantee Euvic’s customers even more attractive prices, full support of manufacturers, and access to the knowledge and experience of the best specialists. As a result, Euvic will become an even more attractive business partner, comprehensively supporting each stage of IT project implementation.

”The name change allowed us to emphasize the synergy of both companies and gave the market a signal that we are a trustworthy player. By associating ourselves with a large group like Euvic, we can be seen as a leading partner and representative of the whole group, behind whom there are not only powerful competencies and business know-how but also substantial economic strength”
Adam Bajura, President of Euvic Solutions

Although COVID-19 slowed down the consolidation efforts undertaken by Euvic a little, the group was still gradually implementing the previously adopted Integrator 2.0 strategy. Having solid foundations, based on a healthy business model, today, as a result of the undertaken activities, Euvic forms a significant force on the Polish IT market. Not only boldly reaching for the largest projects in Poland, but above all, being able to carry these projects on its shoulders.