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Bidirectional Visual Communication System: SmartView Elevator

Creating a new web application and preparing its cloud migration to improve security.

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Avire, a leading expert in elevator technology, pioneers advanced safety and communication solutions, including light curtains, emergency phones, displays, and elevator-specific connectivity.


Avire approached Euvic for bug fixes, security enhancements, and the launch of an updated version of the SmartView application. As the project unfolded, several extra tasks arose, including a comprehensive application redesign and the incorporation of new features designed to simplify elevator-installed device management.  

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Our team successfully obtained access to the pre-existing SmartView web application, delved into the intricacies of the database structure, and delved into the installer’s application. We fortified the application’s security measures and incorporated supplementary features.


We subsequently orchestrated the transition to a cloud-based environment, introduced automation into the software development process, and conducted an in-depth static analysis of the application’s source code. The outcome of these efforts was a thoroughly revamped application design, aligned with the most current industry standards, and poised to greatly enhance its appeal to users. 


SmartView is a comprehensive elevator communication solution comprised of various key elements: 

  1. SmartView Controller: This device is installed within the elevator and functions as a central communication hub. It is responsible for receiving and presenting messages from the web application. Additionally, it provides a means for trapped individuals to interact by utilizing “yes” and “no” buttons. 
  2. Elevator Camera: Positioned inside the elevator, this component facilitates real-time monitoring and offers visual information to emergency services. 
  3. Display Unit: The display is used to showcase messages sent by the web application. This feature allows individuals trapped in the elevator to communicate and respond effectively. 
  4. “YES” and “NO” Buttons: These buttons serve as a means for those trapped inside the elevator to provide responses to messages conveyed through the web application. 
  5. Web Application: The web application functions as the central control system, enabling emergency services to establish communication with individuals stuck in the elevator. This communication occurs through the display and involves interaction via the “yes” and “no” buttons. 


By partnering with Euvic, Avire has introduced an enhanced iteration of the SmartView application. This updated version boasts heightened security features, a contemporary design, and an array of expanded functionalities.


SmartView now stands as a holistic solution, facilitating efficient communication between emergency services and individuals who find themselves stuck in elevators. 

Tools and Technologies

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  • Security Assured: SmartView application passes penetration tests with top-notch security. 
  • Modernized Look: SmartView boasts a fresh, eye-catching design for an engaging user experience. 
  • Enhanced Features: New functionalities improve data readability and simplify elevator device management. 

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