Nagroda Gdańsk

Our IT solution was appreciated in the nationwide competition “IT Wings in Administration”

Together with our partners Unima 200 Systemy Teleinformatyczne S.A. and ITWorks S.A., we created a system used by the Gdańsk Contact Centre.  During the 4th IT Managers in Administration Forum on 10 April 2019 in Zakopane our solution won a prize in the category Tools for Communication with Citizens.

The system that we have created is available on the portal, which can be used by every city resident. It consists of 20 modules and combines functions of other Contact Center systems with elements of a HelpDesk system, based on our ITSM Atmosfera system. It also uses remote communication channels, such as phone, text messages, email, contact form, chat, the City Order Map, Facebook and Messenger 4.

The system works round the clock, seven days a week and every city resident can register their own account. It helps monitor the history of problems reported by each particular person together with their solutions and gives citizens an opportunity to take part in opinion polls. Portal users can browse the municipal office knowledge base and access online versions of various city services, for example, they can make online payments or book appointments in office departments.

Our IT solutions was highly praised by both Gdańsk’s residents and the city ​​government representatives. Below are some of their comments:

“We value face to face contact and we are used to it, but if we consider the challenges of the modern world and the pace of our lives, we need smart technological support. I am glad that our Gdańsk Contact Centre, which serves the needs of every person in Gdańsk, was appreciated. Gdańsk is an open city, it is developing technologically and we can be proud of that.”

– Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, the Mayor of Gdańsk

“It’s a great honor and a show of appreciation for the work of the team that co-created the IT system which supports contact with our residents. This branch of IT that supports the development of Gdańsk is currently a priority for us. I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for everyone who contributed to this great success in the category that is so important for every city.”

– Krzysztof Pękala, the Head of the IT Department


„GCC is made of interdependent parts – we combine IT, experience of many local government employees, openness to problems and readiness to react quickly. From the moment when the GCC started operating until now, we have seen a huge increase in reports. The residents are getting used to this form of contact with the Municipal Office and its departments”

– Tomasz Filipowicz, Head of the Department of Civil Affairs,  the leader of the city project Contact Center


The awarded system was commissioned by the Department of Civil Affairs of the Municipal Office in Gdańsk as a part of the project “Preparing, implementing and service provision of the IT system used by the Gdańsk Contact Centre (GCC) in the SaaS model”. The project was completed by the consortium of Euvic Sp. z o.o and Unima 2000 Systemy Teleinformatyczne S.A. ITWorks S.A. was a subcontractor.

“IT Wings in Administration” is a nationwide competition awarding the best IT projects run by public institutions. It is organized by the monthly publication itwadministracji. Its honorary patron is the Ministry of Digital Affairs. The competition highlights IT solutions that, according to the judges, can be set as role models both if you take into account the implementation as well as the benefits for all parties involved in the project.

The aim of the competition is to award departments who completed IT projects to make the access to public services easier, improve the service quality and the communication between citizens and government agencies. Projects are awarded in five categories: e-Administration, e-Culture and e-Education, e-Services for citizens, Software for offices, Tools for Communication with Citizens.