Software development

is where our roots lie

Euvic will develop your IT system using best-in-class programming languages, development environments, programming frameworks and automation tools. We can provide you with cost-effective services throughout the entire software development lifecycle, including custom development and implementation services.


Cost-effective services throughout the entire software development lifecycle, including custom software development and implementation services.

Mobile development
Technology upgrade
IT system integration

Custom development
UX/UI consulting
Software testing

BI projects

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Our story

In 2005 we started off as a small software house with an ambition to provide customers with great products. We’ve been able to achieve that ambition thanks to the passion of our employees.

Over the years we’ve expanded our operations abroad through our acquisition policy. Developing a rich variety of competencies has always been our goal, and merging with other amazing software companies has allowed us to do just that.

Software development remains the core of our business. Over the years it has given us the opportunity to hire hundreds of talented people, build special bonds with our customers and establish an efficient network of affiliated companies.

We love what we do, and we’ll continue
to deliver great software!

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