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There’s no denying that more than 3,000 employees and 15 years of experience make us a large company. And yet, despite the passage of time and our ever-growing customer portfolio, we’re still a company created by IT engineers for IT engineers. We pursue our vision of a thriving company "with a human face" – made up of good people making good software. This is what makes us a reliable IT partner, committed to both our own performance and the customer's success.

Company overview


Launch of LG Nexera
8 employees
€50k capital


Purchasing first shares and the launch of Poland’s only federation of IT companies
40 employees
€1.25 million turnover


First full merger with BiGIT
100 employees
€2.5 million turnover


First office abroad
Group formation – purchasing shares in 15 companies
Portfolio valuation >€25 million
€62.5 million revenue


IT Infrastructure pillar formed
IT Works SA acquisition
>2000 employees
€100 million revenue
Launch of Euvic Sweden – the fastest growing Euvic branch abroad


Team Leasing and Innovations pillars formed
Merger of Edge One Solution and eduLAB
Euvic Services founded
Performance pillar set up
ADEN and ClickAd acquisition
>3,000 group employees
New 8-year strategy
Goal: €250 million revenue


Performance pillar building
FFW Communication acquisition
Commerce Transformation pillar formed

Key numbers

Euvic Formation


Staff/IT specialists




YOY Growth


Revenues in 2020

PLN 720 M

What makes us special/what we stand for

We deliver peace of mind
As important as reasonable prices and high-quality service are, they’re not the key factors that make Euvic a good and reliable IT partner. Given our sheer number of employees and customers, we can be considered a large company. But in terms of organizational culture, we’re more like a small business where employee and customer relations really matter. Our openness and our pro-employee and customer-centric attitude help us establish any relationship more efficiently, achieve success faster and overcome difficulties more effectively. That’s what keeps our customers satisfied and why they choose to partner with us rather than our competitors.

We are #theGoodPeople
Our activity is not limited only to business.
Euvic is a team of good engineers and specialists, but first and foremost, we are a team of passionate people committed to a variety of initiatives - from sports through education to socio-cultural events.

Euvic Integrator 2.0

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Software Development

Cost-effective services throughout the entire software development lifecycle, including custom software development and implementation services.

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Body Team Leasing

Access to the knowledge and competence of individual IT specialists or entire project teams with the relevant skills required for your project.

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IT Infrastructure

Effective management of all necessary IT operational elements, including strategy, processes, equipment, data and human resources.

logo Edulab

Technological and business support for innovative IT projects and commitment to their development at different levels of advancement.

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Cutting-edge 360° digital marketing from strategy, through creation, planning and media buying, to analysis and innovative technological tools (MarTech) allowing our clients to increase their online traffic.

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Commerce Transformation

Through commerce transformation, we enable a holistic change in the areas of sales and customer service, often including the innovation of the wider business model and day-to-day operations, management, and relationships with clients and suppliers – using top technological innovations and the most effective digital solutions.



portrait of Wojciech Wolny

Wojciech Wolny

Board President; Co-founder
CEO & Sales


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portrait of Wojciech Kosiński

Wojciech Kosiński

Vice President; Co-Founder


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portrait of Bogdan Rycharski

Bogdan Rycharski

Vice President


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portrait of Andrzej Kudra

Andrzej Kudra

Vice President
Infrastructure / Telecommunications


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portrait of Zbigniew Ciukaj

Zbigniew Ciukaj

Vice President
IT Infrastructure Services


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portrait of Łukasz Czernecki

Łukasz Czernecki

Vice President
Marketing&PR/ Innovations/ Investments


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portrait of Grzegorz Bohosiewicz

Grzegorz Bohosiewicz

HR & Recruitment


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Being aware of the importance of respecting the natural environment and its hudge impact on our as well as future generation lives and health, in recent years we have engaged in number of environmental initiatives.

person holding a smartphone


Charity activities and support for local communities according to our GOOD PEOPLE philosophy.

cityscape at night


We monitor our environmental impact and support initiatives aimed at reducing carbon footprint

people using laptops


We cultivate relationships and cooperation with Universities, and invest in innovative edtech solutions.

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We pursue and promote a policy of equal opportunities and gender balance.

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