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Edge One Solutions and EduLab merge with Euvic Group

Mid-2018, Euvic acquired a package of shares in Edge One Solutions. The last 2 years have allowed both companies to learn about their organizational cultures and management practices through joint projects.  

The Euvic Group currently employs over 3000 engineers and successfully supports the development of companies worldwide. Having a stable market position and clearly defined strategy for the coming years, it is a trustworthy partner in business digitalization. As an Integrator 2.0 Euvic builds its activities on four business pillars: Software Development, Team Leasing, IT Infrastructure and Investments/Innovations.  

“For our customers, we are a business partner who not only supports the implementation of the adopted IT strategy or designing flexible architecture, but above all creates solutions tailored to the current business needs. The decision to merge with Edge One Solutions and EduLab is a step forward enabling us to respond to business challenges in a comprehensive manner and even more efficiently than before”
says Wojciech Wolny, president of Euvic.

Edge One Solutions has extensive experience in the area of professional IT services provided in the body/team leasing model. Established in 2015, today it employs over 200 people, has offices in Warsaw, Lublin and Krakow and provides services to corporate clients in Poland, Europe and the US.

Belonging to Edge one Solutions, EduLab is an EdTech accelerator focused on developing innovations at an early stage of development. Over the last 3 years it has invested in 14 projects supporting the education sector.

“he cooperation with Euvic so far has shown us that we have common goals and think about business the same way. Our organizations are complementary to each other, together we can integrate all areas of IT, creating one of the most interesting offers of IT service providers available on the market”
adds Łukasz Czernecki, President of Edge One Solutions.

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February this year, the owners of Euvic and Edge One Solutions initiated actions towards deeper integration of the companies. As a result, Euvic becomes the majority stakeholder of Edge One Solutions, making it an integral part of Euvic Team Leasing business pillar.

The merger of Euvic and Edge One Solutions is the first step towards the development of a common operating model and full process integration, which, however, will be carried out gradually.

The consolidation of the strengths of Euvic and Edge One Solutions is expected to increase the comprehensiveness of the services provided and to support customers in the digital transformation processes even better. We are strongly convinced that the synergy effect achieved in this way will positively affect further, efficient implementation of the sustainable growth strategy.

As a result of the fusion, Edulab will be responsible for developing the business pillar of Investments/Innovations.