Computerworld TOP200

Euvic on the list of top ten Polish IT employers and listed as one of the companies with largest revenues – Computerwold Top 200 results

The Computerworld magazine published the Top 200 ranking comparing companies operating on the Polish ICT market. Euvic was ranked 10th among the largest employers in IT and 8th in the category of companies with the fastest increasing hiring rate. We are also doing well increasing revenue from export and the total revenue of our Technology Group.

Such great results are a reason to celebrate for us, but also an encouragement to work harder. If we stay on this course, we have got a chance to become one of the main players in the Polish IT sector. As the Computerworld report from June 2019 shows, we are one of the largest IT capital groups in Poland at the moment.

In 2018, the Euvic Group registered the revenue of 280 million PLN, which gives us  the 14th place on the list. Our revenue from export gives us the 11th place. It means growth of 60% since 2017.

Our workforce of over 1800 people places us in the top ten of the largest employers, both with regard to the total number of employees and in the category of companies with the fastest increasing hiring rates.

We have also achieved great results in categories related to:


Biggest custom software manufacturers4
Biggest mobile app providers8
Biggest providers of web applications and web portals13
Companies providing outsourcing services19


We would like to thank our business partners and our employees. It would not be possible without them. We are very happy with the achieved results and we hope that they will be even better next year.

About the report

Computerworld TOP200 is one of the most important rankings concerning the teleinformation technology sector in Poland. I has been published for 25 years. It is compiled by the trade magazine Computerworld with the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Digital Affairs, the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology and the National Centre for Reseach and Development.

The report consists of the analysis of the largest companies from the ICT industry operating on the Polish market, that means the ones that have crossed the annual revenue of 1 million PLN from selling services, software or hardware. The June 2019 edition analyzes 366 such companies.