IT for energy industry

Because of its status as a strategic sector, the energy industry is highly dependent on new technologies. Its privatization forced companies to restructure and computerize, which now translates into full readiness for digital transformation. In this sector it is becoming crucial to skillfully orchestrate business processes and invest in innovations that helps increase competitiveness and meet increasingly strict climate regulations.

Business needs - our solutions

Work optimization

Billing system

Do you want to shorten the process of billing and invoicing your customers? Do you want to automate the implementation of improvements in your company? Or maybe you are looking for a flexible, secure solution, compliant with the current regulations, which will provide you with high quality data and ease of use? Get to know our billing system.

  • Management of metering devices
  • Supplier change module
  • Reports
  • Consumer and prosumer billing
  • Price lists/Products
  • Reports
  • Metering data
  • OT orders

Higher level of customer service

Mobile applications

Customer loyalty and satisfaction are priceless, especially in a highly competitive industry. They are maintained by good relations with customers, which can be built by providing professional service and meeting their needs and expectations. This is what a state-of-the-art mobile application guarantees.

  • Automatic generation of usage reports.
  • Payment of invoices.
  • Contract management.
  • Meter reading.
  • Customer service contact.
  • Locating nearby customer service points.
  • Lower cost of customer service.
  • Increased conversion from sales of new services.

Efficient management of payments and debt collection

PiW system

Billing from several thousand to tens of thousands of customers is quite a challenge, especially if there are delays in payments. How can we manage this chaos? All you need to do is implement a professional payment and debt collection system that will improve the monitoring and proper settlement of receivables.

  • Payments & Balances.
  • Debt collection.
  • Notifications, calls for payment, settlements, waivers.
  • Monitoring of sent correspondence - integration with an e-mail program.
  • Ability to print duplicates of documents.
  • Balance analysis for invoices, interest notes, debit notes, credit notes and overpayments.

Effective internal communication


If you don’t know your employees’ needs, you can’t respond to them, and thus you can’t meet their expectations. The more people you employ, the more difficult direct contact with them becomes. More difficult, but not impossible. We help you take care of this area while avoiding information overload or contradictory messaging by implementing a professional intranet.

  • Unique content management mechanism.
  • Advanced structure of permissions.
  • Promoting selected content.
  • Active support of corporate culture.
  • Verification of compliance with the communication strategy and corporate values.

Comprehensive Data analysis

BI systems and BD applications

We know how important the full support of large amounts of data and smart business processes is for your daily operations. Our years of experience allow us to support your strategic business decisions intelligently, and help you with risk management and performance forecasting.

  • Acquisition and processing of metering data.
  • Handling and linking information about customers and their contracts.
  • Reporting quality indicators regarding electricity distribution.

Efficient energy management

Technical records system

The technical records systems we implement help assess the technical condition and energy efficiency of your equipment, improve the management of operations and select RES parameters suitable for the profile of the facilities receiving power.

  • Verification of utility consumption.
  • Price lists and contracts.
  • Quantity and value analyses
  • Building structures of facilities, entities and projects.
  • Energy balancing for a designated group of facilities, installations and devices.
  • Technical assessments of equipment.
  • Scheduling of pump unit operation.
  • Energy and power consumption schedule.

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IT security

Business continuity and data security solutions

Storing and processing a lot of sensitive data doesn’t have to be difficult or risky. All you need to do is rely on the right IT solutions to ensure full security and effective protection against external and internal attacks. Learn about our Business Continuity and Data Security solutions and use the best standards and practices.

  • Identity management.
  • Advanced user authentication.
  • Privileged User Monitoring.
  • IT Security Management.
  • IT infrastructure monitoring.
  • Log collection and detection of threats and attacks.

Effective management of IT components

IT administration

Poland’s power sector consists of a huge amount of infrastructure, both concentrated and dispersed. Our solutions actively support power companies in effective execution of all business processes.

  • Centralization of infrastructure management.
  • Unification of infrastructure operating procedures.
  • Planning of inspections and maintenance.

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