IT Audit & Consulting

Our IT audit service will allow you to review and identify areas of increased risk in your IT operations. An audit may include a basic inventory of the IT environment or take an extended form, including a development plan for the environment (project of its modernization and purchases of equipment and licenses). The audit results in a summary report with the identification of threats, recommendations for action or with an IT development strategy and budget plan.

We also provide IT consulting services, ensuring continuous access to qualified IT engineers and specialists in project, process and security management. We act as consultants for clients' IT departments, help to carry out research and development projects (RnD) and test implementations (POC). We perform services for clients in the "Ideation-as-a-Service" model and help define technical requirements for other suppliers.

IT audit – areas we specialize

  • IT Security.
  • Infrastructure - network, server platform, computers and peripherals, cloud computing.
  • Processes - verification of compliance with ITIL best practices.
  • Organization - IT team, its skills, experience and work organization.
  • Applications - office or business applications.
  • Mobile devices - safeguards, mobile applications, security.
  • Licenses.
  • Cost budget - its use and allocation.
  • Continuity of IT operations.

IT consulting - areas we specialize

  • IT development strategy - support in choosing the best model of IT development in the company.
  • IT security - creating policies, instructions, procedures, support in the evaluation of new products and technologies.
  • Infrastructure - consulting on development, selection of solutions and management tools.
  • Licensing - consulting on licensing models and tools for managing and monitoring licenses.
  • System integrations - selection of integration platforms, defining requirements.
  • Współpraca użytkowników – dobór narzędzi i platform oraz przygotowanie wdrożeń.
  • User support processes.
  • Organization of work of the IT team, competence development.
  • Continuity of IT operations.