Poland Days in Silicon Valley 2020

From 21 to 23 October, we will once again have the opportunity to take an active part in the US-Poland Science and Technology Symposium organized by the Polish-American Cooperation Council. This year’s edition of Poland Days in Silicon Valley will be held remotely and transmitted via the Zoom platform.

As a long-time partner of this conference we have been supporting its development each year – not only on the organizational level, but above all in terms of content. This year we are going to talk about education and academic institutions (especially the field of consolidation processes).

Poland Days in Silicon Valley is an ideal place to share knowledge and achievements, as well as to seek out potential business partners for further innovative projects. It is an initiative of great importance for Polish-American relations in the areas of science, technology, and business.

Last year Euvic was one of its main sponsors, and its representative, President Andrzej Biesiekirski, presented a methodology for rapid prototyping, which was one of the highlights of the conference. We also organized a workshop session devoted to the subject “MVP as a Service” for guests from the USA and Poland in the Professor’s Club – the Faculty Club at Stanford University.

Stanford is a unique place. It is here that the Design Thinking method was born, which has conquered the whole world. It is also here that the interdepartmental Design School and numerous commercial companies were created, changing the scientific approach to the process of awakening creativity and incorporating the user’s needs into practical design procedures.

IDEO was a landmark company, which inspired the creation of many other design companies from around the world. Based on the model developed by IDEO, a standard of conducting design and development work was built, which, with unprecedented effectiveness, made it possible to follow work completion with market success. Unfortunately, this methodology lacked effective, verifiable solutions applicable to IT products and companies. Euvic, thanks to a lot of experience in transforming ideas into global products, introduced a completely new quality to this methodology, working out, both theoretically and practically, the way to implement such projects. This is how the system offered by Euvic for developing ideas and preparing for building mature products was created. Such concepts as “Ideation as a service” or “MVP as a service”, which first appeared in Euvic, can be nowadays encountered all over the world.

We believe that active participation in initiatives such as Poland Days in Silicon Valley contributes to the overall economic and technological development of the world, so we proudly support their organization.

We encourage you to take a look at the agenda (lecture Times are in PST time format), registration, and participation: https://usptc.org/poland-day-2020-5/

As a sponsor of the event we have a pool of 10 free tickets – if you are interested in receiving discount registration codes, please contact us at marketing@euvic.pl – the order of submissions counts.