Industry 4.0 Solutions – Consulting & Development

Need Industry 4.0 solutions (i4.0)? Our Industry 4.0 consulting and development services will let you design and create them thus accelerating the digital business transformation of your company. We will walk you through the ideation stage to help you select areas where you can enhance your operations with i4.0 and then design a solution, combining hardware, software and services. At the next stage we will deliver your i4.0 solution based on Agile and DevOps principles. We have several years of experience as regards Industry 4.0 projects and will be happy to use this experience while working for you.

How our Industry 4.0 consulting and development services can help you?

You will succeed by working with us

Optimize Increase Reduce
  • Business Model & Processes with the purpose of impacting positively on productivity and effectiveness of the entire company.
  • Organization in order to increase the effectiveness of people and their time.
  • Technology with a focus on elevating the effectiveness of technologies already in use and linking them with the new innovative ones.
  •  Competitiveness by enhancing the level of technology awareness; we create new value-producing opportunities and boost market share.
  • Safety and security – we identify threats and eliminate them by implementing solutions consistent with the highest standards in order to increase the safety of people and processes.
  • Revenue – every action we take leads to a calculable increase in your income and your company’s value (sales, production, new value proposition)
  • Distance to world leaders by closing the technology gaps.
  • Costs of production, employment, storage… you name it!
  • The destructive impact on the natural environment.

I4.0 Digitalization Workshops

Digitalization workshops will help you discover, capture and prioritize Industry 4.0-related digitalization opportunities, requirements and constraints. Working together with our Industry 4.0 experts you will create a roadmap of your initiatives and get an input for your digital business transformation strategy.

Why should you use our i4.0 digitalization workshops?

Our digitalization workshops with Industry 4.0 experts let you identify new market opportunities and create a new organization and business model.

The approach based on Design Thinking provides a multidimensional analysis of challenges, problems and opportunities.

You will interact with a group of highly experienced and skilled Industry 4.0 architects focused on translating business ideas into technical solutions.

From the workshops you will get actionable content without information overload, focusing on what is important for you.

Digitalization Workshop Scope Proposal

  • Identifying New Market Opportunities
  • Creating a New Organization and Business Model
  • We are open to your suggestions

Design Thinking Methodology

Design Thinking combines a real view of challenges with unlimited creativity, encouraging you to question the status quo.

What does this mean in practice?

  • The workshop allows you to express your thoughts freely and create ideas, even if they seem unrealistic or too difficult to implement.
  • Workshop participants jointly determine the chances of success, threats and priorities. The vision of the future is built through discussion and consensus.
  • All ideas go through a series of analyzes that aim to identify the most promising and valuable initiatives, needs and design goals.

The approach based on Design Thinking provides a multidimensional analysis of challenges, problems and opportunities.

  • By appropriate selection of workshop participants, we ensure that all relevant points of view will be included in the discussion.
  • Looking for inspiration in existing examples from related projects and initiatives, we use the experience of others.
  • During the workshop we analyze not only ideas but also commercial aspects, organizational, budget and time constraints.

The methods and processes used in Design Thinking don’t end with the workshop

  • Defined conclusions and initiatives allow for the continuation of activities using agile delivery methods.
  • Quick verification of ideas and adjusting the vision to changing design conditions allow for flexible management of the scope and design goals.
  • Management and correct prioritization of the portfolio of ideas and initiatives help in achieving quick results and returns on investments.

Rapid IoT Prototyping

Our rapid IoT prototyping services let you quickly visualize your IoT and Industry 4.0-related ideas. Our team of i4.0 experts is not afraid to experiment and dive deep into the unknown. We use our passion, knowledge and experience to tackle every type of business or technical problem. Working together we will bring your ideas to life.

Why should you use rapid IoT prototyping?

You will know the answers to all your most important technical and business questions related to your news Industry 4.0-related ideas within a very short time.

We will benchmark your idea with solutions that already exist and assess its market disruption potential. Also, we will tell you what technology to bet on.

We will select the best and most suitable hardware and software components – combining IoT, social, mobile and cloud – to provide a strong value proposition of your I4.0 solution for B2B and B2C customers.

We will visualize your ecosystem ideas with mockups and porotypes. We may deliberately use two separate ideation teams to let you compare their work output and choose the best bits.

Aligning Technology Strategy with Business Vision

Our IoT prototyping services will allow you to align technology strategy with business vision and priorities, which is a critical factor in planning the successful implementation of a new platform.

Delivering Cutting-Edge Technology with Cross-Cutting Integration

The future solution will connect multiple products, platforms and market participants. We will provide you with strong integration capabilities required to address technical and business requirements and ensure vertical and horizontal scalability of the new solution.

Development Process

  • Duration: 1-2 weeksBusiness Goals

    We help to assess Industry 4.0 applicability, find business value and define project scope and outcomes.
  • Duration: 1-3 weeksSolution Outline

    We explore and analyze your data, prepare a solution proposal, estimate project duration and point out possible risks.
  • Duration: 2-8 weeksPOC Proof-of-Concept

    We develop a prototype as fast as possible to validate the concept and show the capabilities.
  • Duration: 2-6 monthsProductionization & Deployment

    We develop a prototype as fast as possible to validate the concept and show the capabilities.
  • Duration: according to your needsMaintenance

    We help to maintain the solution, adjust to data changes, and keep the performance stable.

Industry 4.0 Security & Compliance Services

Using our security and compliance services you will make sure that your new and existing Industry 4.0 solutions and infrastructure are secure and compliant with the standards and regulations like the FDA and GDPR. In this way you may significantly reduce the risk of a security and compliance breach. Remember – security is not a cost, it’s an investment, while regulatory compliance is an obligation.

Why should you use those services?

Our security and compliance experts will evaluate your design or existing solution – in this way you will know what your level of security and compliance is.

Our assessments cover the domains of organization, procedures and architecture or technology. This applies from endpoints or servers, through infrastructure and clouds to operations or development processes.

We will carry out compliance and cybersecurity risk assessment through security controls meant to protect you against threats as well as by checking your internal policies and document against current regulations.

We will also advise you on how to reduce the security risk and how to stay compliant with standards and regulations like the FDA or GDPR.

Assess & define

  • Compliance and Security - Policies & Standards & Best practices
  • Organization and Culture - Procedures & Processes & Training
  • Security controls - Assets & Foundation IT Services
  • Risk Management - Framework & Cloud Services Profile

You provide

  • Project context
  • Contact person (focal point)
  • Project scope documentation & details
  • Legal agreements for analysis

We deliver

  • Expert’s support
  • Analysis
  • Findings
  • Recommendations
  • Executive report
  • Detailed assessment